A thank you to Karl Geissler of Gill Athletics

When we opened up BrewHouse Barbell, Karl reached out to me and said, “I want to congratulate you guys and send a housewarming present”.

I am never one to say no to a gift, as long as it isn’t a dick pic or a pair of used male boxers, but Karl isn’t that kind of guy so all was safe.

Soon after we received a package from Karl with the below enclosed:

Needless to say I didn’t expect equipment. A calendar, yes. Something small and gag-gift-like, yes. Not a Swiss Bar and a Rolling Bumper Plate Stand.

As you can see, the Rolling Stand is being used daily over on our “functional fitness buzzword” side of the gym where we have a nice rig from Rogue, Rogue Bars, Rogue Bumpers and built in platforms for wodding your fucking face off.

The Rolling Stand saves space and makes it simple to load up from the plate racks on the other side of the gym with what you need for the session.

The Swiss Bar is solid as hell, my training partner and myself actually used it again today. The balance is superb and the craftsmanship is on point.

Karl, thank you for these. It was unexpected, appreciated and the members of BrewHouse appreciate this a ton.

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