Ashman – first week back after diagnosis

I will be honest and say this shit sucks.

Sure, it isn’t cancer and I am not on my death bed but trying to enact a 180 change in lifestyle overnight is a mindfuck.

Combine that with the lethargy, training, issues still going on in my body and having a long road ahead of me to be 100% and it can be mentally and physically draining.

Right now my plan is to hit 2-3 movements per training day at the maximum.

Sunday I did some light leg machine work and yesterday I did incline benches and dips.

I had to laugh because I did literally 5 fucking dips per set…. 5… when I could easily do 15-20 bodyweight dips before.

I am amazed at how fast I got deconditioned from this and being in the hospital.

The eating part is coming along slowly. I have insane cravings for shit I enjoy like pizza and greasy ass burgers… cravings to the point where I get mad because I can’t have them right now.

I could complain all day about this, and sometimes I do…. going from thinking you are in good health to being told you aren’t is difficult on you and your mentality.

I am fighting through it and I plan to beat this, and I will have good and bad days ahead of me where I want to both forge on harder or lay down and give up. That is natural and I expect that.

I am fortunate that I have a good training partner who is behind me, Daniel. I have a great team who is supportive of me in PRS. My family is a huge help and my girlfriend, Alison, is going above and beyond what I EVER expected someone to do for me…

This training log will be boring for the lifting enthusiast to read for a while as this recovery isn’t about a torn joint, it is about the most important muscle in your body.

This log will detail, in journal style, what I am doing to beat this, prognosis updates, what I am doing in the gym and how I am making it work within the 10/20 framework and philosophy.

I hope a few of you listen to the advice I have given and will be giving as I go along.

Your health is the most important part of you, there is NOTHING hardcore about dying young.

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