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Man… things have been busy as hell for me but I am 100% ok with that. Client base is growing, the gym here is doing great things for all of us, and next week should mark the week that my heart finally gets back to normal.

My ablation is scheduled for May 17th and that is a procedure where they enter your heart through a blood vessel either on the upper leg/groin area or through the vein and electrically freeze or burn the part of the heart that is causing the rhythm issues. The success rate for my procedure is 95% and up. I am happy to finally be getting this down so I can continue my path to recovery.

Part of the side effects of having Afib is that I get fatigued faster while exercising because the heart rate is jacked up higher. For several months I have been doing what I can in the gym to improve, and I have been noticing an increase in muscularity and strength again, but progress is slowed because of working through this. Once this is finished and my rate is under control, I will be able to put the gas down more and train how I want to again.

In the meantime, here is an average upper body day for you.

Bench Press
Set 1: 45 lbs × 12
Set 2: 135 lbs × 5
Set 3: 135 lbs × 5
Set 4: 185 lbs × 5
Set 5: 225 lbs × 5
Set 6: 275 lbs × 5

Worked up to an easy 275 for 5 today. RPE 6 approximately.

Axle seated military press
Set 1: 35 lbs × 10
Set 2: 125 lbs × 8
Set 3: 175 lbs × 6
Set 4: 175 lbs × 6
Set 5: 175 lbs × 6

Incline DB bench
Set 1: 70 lbs × 10
Set 2: 70 lbs × 10
Set 3: 70 lbs × 10
Set 4: 70 lbs × 10
Set 5: 70 lbs × 10

Set 1: 8
Set 2: 8
Set 3: 8
Set 4: 8
Set 5: 8

I upped my accessory volume quite a bit to build more muscle. By doing so I dropped the weight even more to allow volume to do the work rather than push weight through less sets.

Band pressdowns
Set 1: 20
Set 2: 20
Set 3: 20

Used a medium band for this exercise.

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