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Kim and brian


I’m about 6 weeks out from the Arnold & 13 out from the RPS US Open and just started precontest!

Also, as shown in the Featured pic – 10/20/life SECOND ADDITION in SOFT BACK physical copies will be ready VERY soon! Keep an eye out for this!

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Since my post a few weeks ago, I’ve gotten on track. You can read about my come to Jesus here: Last log entry

Just got back from traveling to Wilmington, NC to for the 10/20/life seminar at Crossfit Wilmington. Beth, Scotty P, Byrd, Will, Tony and Crystal were all there lending a hand and spreading some knowledge.


This was my first time meeting meeting Tony and what a cool guy he is. I’m very glad he is a part of our team with his diverse background and knowledge base!

I’ll make a post soon about the weekend but back to training…

Last week, I did my fluff and buff and combined all my days into one – Friday

Normal warm-up which you can read about HERE McGill Big 3

2-arm KB swing: 5×10
Goblet squats: 5×10
1-leg GM: 4×10
Side lateral: 3×10
Hammer curl: 3×10
DB press: 5×10

I did some hip mobility stuff after then was off to help Tony and Beth with their lifting. Both of them are looking very good.

Today, Monday, I am back to training and will be shirting up. I’m looking forward to holding some weight! Bench feels like it’s the only lift NOT progressing the way it should be…. I’ll need to change this. Things will be intensifying over the next few weeks in every way.

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