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I’ll do a full write-up soon, but I’m going to drop some more weight going into the Arnold, so the cut isn’t such a lift altering process for about 10 days. So, as such, I’ve gotten fat over the last week so the plan is working PERFECTLY! NOT. I’m about 268 right now and want to be under 260 for my training cycle going into the arnold.

I’m going to be switching up my training for a couple of weeks, and have some fun with it. I have about 18 weeks or so before the Arnold so I will have it split up like this:

Next 2 weeks: just some work each day, nothing too specfic

The following 5 weeks: Lots of raw volume work on the big 3 lifts as well as assistance work.

Last weeks work:

Monday – lots of eating
Tuesday – 1 mile walk, 40yd hill sprints, Mcgill big 3
Wed – 1 mile walk, 40yd hill sprints
Thursday – off – sore from running
Friday – 1.5 mile walk, 40yd hill sprints, Mcgill big 3
Sat – 1.5 mile walk, 40yd hill sprints, mcgill big 3, push-ups etc

Today, Monday will be the start of my new training cycle. I’ll probably floor press tonight and keep it light, but lots of volume.

I’ll soon be jumping into an offseason template for the next 5 weeks that is pretty much exactly laid out in 10/20/Life

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