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I’m less than 5 weeks out from the NJ Battle at the Boardwalk meet where quite a few lifters from the team will be competing. This should be a great time! I’ll be lifting in the 242 weight class.
I’ve come full circle and am back with Inzer Advance Designs, just like I was from 2006-2009 where I did some of my best lifting ever. I’m very excited about the opportunities this brings me and my team.

I’m after the total record at 242 of 2695, and squat record of 1140. My best total ever is 2730, and best squat ever is 1185 – my best individual lifts combined are low to mid 2800’s at 275. My best total at 242 is 2610 and I will be adding to that very soon.

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Made it back from Charleston Seminar on Monday afternoon just in time to bench with the crew at Samson.

I can honestly say that I didn’t have much left in the tank but I dug down and got some work in regardless.

John, Adam and Myself got to work on the bench right at 6

Normal Warm-up
Band Fly
BW squat

535×1 – 3bd
added shirt
605×2 – 2bd
700×1 – 1bd last warm-up
750×1 – half

Was supposed to take another set or two but very VERY dry. Too dry and didn’t want to pop something, so I shut it down.

I went on to hit the following light assistance:

Incline DB Press: 3×15
Band Fly: 3×15
Band Press-down: 3×15
Bench Dip: 3×15

A good but not great session, really. I hit my opener off a half board but wanted to take some 1 and 2 board sets. Just was not in the cards on Monday. I will have to make up for it a little bit this coming week which is a big week.

My plan for week 6 (Saturday) is to take 1100+ and a band set around 1150 to round out my heaviest part of the cycle. I’ll take openers one more week but this weekend will be the heaviest then followed with heavy on the bench monday.

Very much looking forward to this weekend.

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