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December 2015

I started meet prep in December of 2015 I had a very loft goal of competing in 3 meets in 3 months – while cutting for them all and peaking for the one in the middle – the one with the most cash the RPS US Open.

To be honest, there were times I didn’t think I’d make it through May or even April at times! It was a tough time mentally way more than physically. Those that haven’t been here won’t understand.

An early takeaway
If I didn’t learn anything this LONG meet prep and this run for 2016, I DID realize this more than ever: At the end of the day I lift for me and not for the approval of anyone else. It’s a very selfish endeavor and I can’t do it alone but I do it for me and my satisfaction. That’s it. Yes, I like to make people that support me happy, but this is truly secondary.

First off:
Huge thank you to Bert and Mindy for running another great meet for the lifters! The meet has grown so much it can easily have 150 lifters soon. I really enjoy lifting there as well as my teammates. Thank you both for your support and friendship as well as caring so much about growing the sport. As far as I’m concerned, you can always count us in with backing/supporting your meets. These meets are fun, Mindy is super amped and fired up on the mic and cares deep how everyone does and wants the best for all. Add in Bert always checking in with the lifters to make sure we are good and have what we need. This takes the cake along with great spotters and loaders, it’s a great place to lift that is fun, safe and a great time for all.

Before I go further, Thank you’s
Big thank you to Adam, Danny, Ria, Lisa, Shane, Conrad, Vega, and Byrd for your help handling as well as Missy’s help with the booth. I truly appreciate you all. Super proud of the guys I was honored to lift alongside, to coach and be coached by Jason, Todd, and Filipe. All of you hit PRs and had a great day. It’s always a pleasure getting to spend time with you all and your families. I can’t do this alone – thanks to all who came down and went out of their way to make sure we were taken care of. Thank you Adam and Byrd for bringing down the bars and bench for Bert and Mindy.


I would like to thank Al of for the backing, belief, and the best supps out there! Both Nubreed and Magnum are top notch, and we love using and endorsing them both on PRS. We are very excited about this new partnership and opportunity.

Of course a massive thank you to Inzer Advance Designs for supplying me with an awesome sponsorship with the best gear in the industry, by far. Get Inzer HERE – Inzer is the go to for quality lifting shirts, wraps and suits.

Thank you to teamPRS and friends for their support, texts, calls and belief in me and one another. You guys truly exemplify the meaning of a team and what we stand for.


As always, I’m grateful for the unwavering support of my #1 fan Ria Carroll. This awesome lady has put up with me for over 8 years and still loves me and does everything I could ever ask for. Thank you.

Thank you Stuart McGill for your guidance, friendship and help these years! Thank you Adam Crosby for your help and support weekly. Thank you to Amy and DD for your help over the last 7 years.

stu brian ria

Lastly but most importantly, thank God for the ability and wisdom in decision making in difficult times. Nothing is easy especially when chasing goals.

Getting back to it:
My plan back in December was a lofty one to be able to compete in three meets within three months at 242 and at times I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it through to May, or even April, but I’m glad I was able to honor my word and keep my commitments. Even though my plan was to peak for the RPS US Open I still wanted to be able to put on a good performance at the RPS Redemption III.

I wasn’t feeling too great coming into the meet. I was tired and was running some antibiotics over the last few weeks to shake some stuff I had going on. This is all part of the game, so I was just thankful it didn’t happen earlier. Burning the candle at both ends will end up doing this haha.

prs 2

The goal:
Of course it was to inch closer to the 242 record of 2695 and break it but I fell short again. It was up to me to execute and I didn’t quite get it done. I had everything at my disposal and at the end of the day, the buck stops with me.

The Cut
As always, I do what I need to do to make 242. I was right at 242.5 or whatever the 109.8 kilo conversion is. It’s not always super easy, but we got the job done.

Here’s how the day went:
It started off very well – I felt great warming up and was on with my form and power. Here is what I did in the backroom:
550 – added Inzer Preds
840 – added the LUP and Double gripper wraps
930 – this went very well.
1041 – good lift, felt a little bit wobbly. I mistimed my warm-ups and was wrapped too long. I made the call to be ready a little early and this didn’t pay off.

1102 – grinder, a good lift though. I haven’t grinded a squat in a long long time. I was very happy with this and passed my third. Tiny 242 PR. I was in good shape. Keep in mind this is my second squat over 1100 in the LUP at 242.

A couple hours passed and then it was time to bench. I felt pretty good other than the squat taking a little out of me and my hip/SI joint feeling wonky. I actually felt that I was too bloated if that was even possible.
600 2bd
720 1bd done

This felt very good in the back. I had a pretty new navy SDP that I was breaking in and I had it perfect for the platform and I was excited for the bench. Everything felt good. Byrd was kind enough to help me warm-up my Inzer SDP bench shirt. Thank You sir.

766 – good and easy. I thought it was a great groove and press.

804 – I couldn’t have messed this up more. My foot slipped at the top, I was all over the place and just jacked it up.
So I was stuck in a bad spot. The way I felt I knew I would need a good bench (around 826) to ensure a good shot at 2700 on a second dead. So I went up against all better judgment. I actually overruled my handlers. I don’t suggest this.
826 – couldn’t quite lockout the L side! I was mad at myself and at the same time beat to shit. I gave it all I had and it was close, but not quite there.
Sitting at an 1868 subtotal.. A little short of the goal.

After the bench, I was pretty beat down mentally and physically. My goal was going to be heavily dependent on the bench and I screwed it up. I was not feeling all that great and I wont lie, missing this bench had me this way more than I’d like to admit. It killed me mentally but more physically as my SI joint was angry and made my back stiff. I feel that being a little fat (note I will be bringing my BW closer to 250 soon) over the last couple of week and being super aggressive with my weight gain post weighin was hurting me. I feel as though the last 6 months of meet prep had finally caught up with me physically.

After some therapy on my hip and SI joint, also discussing with Ria, Byrd and Adam, I told them how I was feeling. It was a long day and I wanted to pull a few reps in the back and then go from there. No decision was made yet. It’s been along 6months and it was catching up faster by the minute.

I pulled the following in the back after some Birddogs and some warm-ups:

I didn’t like how it was hard to get into a safe position (with my back locked in), didn’t like how I was feeling overall and knew the proper call was to shut it down. We played with the numbers and knew the juice of getting an 8lb PR was not worth the squeeze of a 788 pull. Maybe… missing the bench was a huge blessing in disguise! I knew I wasn’t going to even consider shutting it down if I was sitting over 1900 subtotal.

I told the crew my plans, they agreed and then I moved on to help coach the rest of the guys and they all pulled very well, all hitting at least their seconds. I got to channel the disappointment into coaching and distracted myself. This worked fine. This is what my next phase of training/coaching life will be like anyway and I do enjoy this.

To wrap-up and a last word on longevity
The key here is I’m not done, what was the urgency and what kind of a coach would I be if I couldn’t listen to the most obvious advice that I’ve been preaching and living for 3 years? If I were within a 771 dead of the 2700 I would have been all over this, to be frank.


Here I am Friday writing this I’ve been doing my McGill big 3 core work and my back feels 100%, no issues at all and I’m so glad I made the correct decision I feel.

In the next part, I’ll take about what I plan on doing for the summer and the rest of the year. Until then, I’m healing up, resting and having some fun.

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