Brian Carroll Training update 1.9.19

Rehab is going well overall, no complaints.

Right now, the focus is cervical, thoracic mobility, and shoulder rehab.

One thing in the past I have neglected is my upper back/neck mobility, especially sitting at the desk all day. So, I deserve where I am right now. Either way, I’m learning a great deal.

Check out this video, which is of my friend Andrew from Australia, who is helping me with my rehab coaching a few of the exercises I’m currently doing daily.


I’m going to take you through a day of what I’m currently doing for rehab.

AM: 10min walk, McGill big 3, Neck and thoracic mobility as shown in video

Afternoon: 10min walk, more Neck, and Thoracic Mobility, Lock pulldowns: 2-3 sets with band

Evening: Suitcase carry, One leg Glute bridges, more of the above then Heavy lock pull-downs with lat-pulldown/ SS w/  1-arm KB row using the core for bracing – no bench 3 sets of 15 (as the weight gets heavier, I’ll lower the reps)


Nothing sexy, whatsoever. It’s very tedious every single day, but it’s what you have to do. I will be adding in more sled drags/carries and such very soon, but I’ve been enjoying as little powerlifting training as possible lately.

My plan is to get back under the bar with light bench press in about 2-3 weeks, and I’ll start training more legs more too. Basically, whenever I’m cleared to. With that said, I know it can be a long road back as I’ve been reading more on the shoulder lately and it’s a little scary what we do to our bodies and the end result most of the time.

My garage gym is getting pretty close to being finished. Still, need to order a few things as well as rid of a few. They are loaded up on FB marketplace below:

Leg Curl: HERE

Leg Extension: HERE

I will also have a few power bars for sale as soon as I sort through what I need and what I don’t. I don’t want to get rid of any just yet, though.

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