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No training this week, really. I got some kind of stomach bug on Sunday night, and was down and out for about 36hr or so, with some daylight in between here and there. Initially, I thought bad food, but I think it was something going around, like a virus or something.

Monday – I went out to help the guys bench, but I was pretty much on an empty stomach and down about 7lb-ish. Didn’t want to push my luck, ended up leaving a bit early, was feeling crappy.

Tuesday – Still not feeling great, bodyweight 259, sooo LIGHT. By about 2pm was finally able to get some good food in, and I built up an appetite later that day and actually ate pretty good. I slammed a dozen Dunkin Donuts that night and a half gallon of milk.

BW back to 267

Wed- big surprise my stomach hurt and I was unsure if the Donuts was the best choice. A tattoo appt was scheduled at 12pm and I was not quite sure I would be able to attend. Somehow, After I finished my AM work, I headed over to get some ink and actually felt fine.

Brought a cooler of food and drinks – totally ready to get going. Ready for as long as needed.

The deal with my artist (he’s been tattooing me for 6 years) — to go until one of us tapped out aka done. At about 7hr of tattooing, and 8hr in the shop, we both were tapped. I have about 2-3hr left to go and some touchups that will be handled in next session.

Thursday – I turned 33 – YAY, so I treated myself to a sub-scap, pec and lat NMT torture session. I have to stay on this better. Missed last week, already scheduled for next. Some parts of the work felt good – some not. I’m SUPER tight and hate my lats/pec/arm-pit area worked on or even touched. It’s invasive. Over the years, I had many clients say the same when in the industry, esp sub-scap.

I plan on doing some core work Today (Friday 8/1) and be ready to squat and pull on Saturday, but sat is a deload, even though I didn’t get my bench in, still going to stick to the plan.

Meet is like 12 weeks out!

Need to get some volume in the next 2 weeks with new OverKill gear.

I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend, thanks for reading! [share title=”Share this Article” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” linkedin=”true” pinterest=”true” reddit=”true” email=”true”][author title=”About the Author”]

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