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I just finished competing at the RPS US Open in San Diego, CA April 23 where I won the equipped overall best lifter with a 1091 squat, 788 bench and a 771 dead for a 2651 total – second alltime at 242.I took a week off from training and now ramping up for the RPS Redemption meet 5/28/16 where I will compete at 242 again, along with a few other teammates on


First training session back after the meet!

Normal warm-up as usual
KB Swings
McGill Big 3
Band shoulder dislocations
Empty bar

Shirted up early to get as many sets in as possible.
455×3 – 4bd
500×3 – 3bd
610×3 – 3bd
660×3 – 3bd/2bd

Incline DB press: 3×15
Band press-downs: 3×15
Hammer curl: : 3×15
Stir the pot: 50

I jumped right back into my Inzer bench shirt after a week off. I’m now working in the Navy SDP material and have 1 session in and I like it very much so far. I only have a couple of training weeks and this is obviously not ideal but since I’m still strong, healthy and feel good, I will do my best to come in as close to 100% as possible.

team promo pic 5

Here’s my tentative plan that I’ll execute before the RPS May 28 meet.

Week 1
Break in shirt
Lots of assistance work on squat/DL day. Grip, quads and hams are priority
Work my squat to last warm-up
Work my dead to a last warm-up and build up the callous I tore.
Week 2
Break in shirt more, work down below a 2bd
Same assistance work (I am traveling, so I’ll need to move some things around)
Work up to an opener with bands on squat
Work up to an opener on the dead – continue to build hands back up
Play week 3 by ear – as I’ll be running out of time.

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