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I just finished competing at the RPS Conquest Meet on 10/3/15 where I squatted 1100, benched 780 and pulled 760 for a 35lb squat PR and a 30lb total PR with a 2640tot for second alltime.

Am I happy with the results? NO, but I’m content for now. I realize I have a few things I need to work on going forward as well as some things to dial in.

I’ve really just been lazy the last few days and trained a little bit with a fluff and buff type session and some foam rolling here and there. I felt pretty crappy with some allergy issues that were probably due to being in south florida and the time of the year when the pollen is heavy with the weather changes and such.

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Saturday I really didn’t do much aside the McGill big 3 and help our new guy channing who’s getting ready for a meet at the end of the month.

Monday I got back into the swing more and got some work done.

Here is what I did:

Normal Warm-up
McGill Big 3
Band fly
Band press-down

Incline DB press: 5×10
Band fly: 3×15
Band press-down: 3×15
One leg GM: 3×10
Skull: 3×15
Key press: 3×15
Bench dip: 3×15


Nothing special, just knocking off some rust that’s been building up over the last week and some change.

Tuesday I did some more work…

Normal warm-up
McGill big 3
BW squats

Band squats: 3×12
BW box squats: 3×10
One leg GM: 3×15
Lunge: 3×10
Hammer curl: 3×12
Band fly: 3×15
Rolling plank: 3×12 per side

I didn’t train Wednesday really…

But Here is what I did Thursday:

Normal warm-up:
McGill big 3

Barbell shrug: 3×10
Bent row: 3×10
Hammer curl: 3×10
McGill chins: few
Stir the pot: 100

Feeling good!

I’m going to take off friday (today) and start back tomorrow with some light squats. I’ll outline my plan soon for the XPC Arnold, the SPF US Open and RPS Redemption meet!

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