Brian Carroll – Week 1 Offseason

2005 APF Southern States

Clint and I were pulling at this point and both at 220. Clint was having a good day and I missed a couple of squats I shouldn’t have. Around the time of this picture, I had my handlers in my corner and Clint had his..

I was up by about 70lb going into the dead and I overhead Tony saying to Clint “if he misses this second att 716 dead, then you can win with —-“. I cut him off – “I’m not going to miss and today isn’t his day to win”. hahaha Clint went over 2100 for the first time and I over 2200. Fun day!

I just finished 3 meets in 3 months and I’m now taking downtime to recover, rest and work on weak points. I did hit PR Total, 2651, PR squat 1102 and a PR bench 788 all at 242.


Huge thanks to Captain Jacked and Inzer Advance Designs for supporting my lifting!

Last week of training was super light and just moving some blood around. I also started walking again every day. This will help keep me sane when training isn’t super heavy or when not pushing for a meet.

I basically did a circuit of the following:
DB press
Band fly
BW squat
One leg GM
Band press-down
Hammer curl
Stir the pot

I did all of these for sets of 10-15.

It did feel good to knock some rust off.

I had Stuart McGill drop by for a visit and got some time to catch up. This was an excellent time as Stu is one of my favorite people. We have a couple of things in the works and I’m super happy about this.

Normal warm-up
Goblet pause squat: 5×5
Band fly: 3×15
Band skull: 3×15
Stir the pot: 3×15
Hammer curl: 3×15
Bench dip: 3×15
Incline DB press: 3×15

Finished up with some McGill big 3 and was done. Structure will come back very soon but this mindless training and just blowing off some steam is a nice change after pushing so hard for so long.

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Brian Carroll is committed to helping people overcome back pain and optimizing lifts and movement. After years of suffering, he met back specialist Prof. McGill in 2013, which led to a life-changing transformation. In 2017, they co-authored the best-selling book "Gift of Injury." On October 3, 2020, Carroll made history in powerlifting by squatting 1306 lbs, becoming the first person to break this record. He retired with a secure legacy and a life free from back pain.
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