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I just finished competing at the RPS Conquest Meet on 10/3/15 where I squatted 1100, benched 780 and pulled 760 for a 35lb squat PR and a 30lb total PR with a 2640tot for second all time.

Am I happy with the results? NO, but I’m content for now. I realize I have a few things I need to work on going forward as well as some things to dial in.

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What I’m doing now

I’m doing a lot of pre/rehab – back, shoulder and hip work right now. I’m at the point now where being healthy and available is far more important than significant strength gains over each cycle. Yes, I attack my weak points and put work in but your body will be a complete weak point if you push volume/intensity too hard together for too long and it falls apart.

** keep in mind, I have ZERO pain in my body. It’s preemptive. It’s prehab to prevent and the rest of the work is rehab bc my I will always be rehabbing my back. It’s a life sentence but I’m pain free and wouldnt have it any other way.

I have the Arnold next march. I have not even thought about the meet to be honest. Time will come for that but no need for that now. Right now the focus is on healing and recovery!

Here is what I just started on Saturday

5 week block
Work all three lifts on same day – light RPE and raw. Will be good for work capacity, high volume with lower intensity and allow for LOTs of assistance work throughout the week!
Day 1 -Pause squats – work hip mobility
Floor press – great movement for me to build raw bench power
Deads – pause conv deads – working below the knee to keep perfect position and work the mid range.
Day 2 – crap load of upper body work/bench ass. DB presses, dips etc to add mass to triceps and pecs
Day 3 – direct upper back and quad work – leg press, piston squats etc
Day 4 – Full and buff (mostly pec, delt and tri work)


Alright, back into the groove of squatting and pulling. I can say that I’m pretty sore right now as I’m typing this from 2 days ago haha. SUCKS. And I didn’t even go heavy.

As Stated above, I’m doing the combo day with the squat bench and dead all on the same day.


Normal Warm-up
KB swing
McGill Big 3
Band Fly: 3×15
Band Skull: 3×15
Goblet squat

Pause Squat with cambered bar
top set 275 2 sets of 3

Floor press
top set 225 2 sets of 3

Conv dead
top set 275 2 sets of 3

Finished up with McGill big 3 work and some direct hip work. Obviously, I took it very easy on this day with such light loads BUT I will be building upon this light week over the next 4-5 weeks of offseason.

The good news is I’m hungry to train and nothing hurts. Some aches and pains, yes! But I’m healthy thank God and will keep it this way!

very moderate Goals for this 5 week offseason:
1. ****stay healthy****
2. work up to 600ish on cambered bar for pause squats
3. work up to 450ish on floor press
4. work up to 600ish on conv deads
5. keep weight in the 260 range (low end)
6. Keep hitting my assistance hard on the other 2 days
7. go into precontest after a nice deload and STRONG.

Tonight, Monday will consist of a lot of bench assistance work. Luckily my upper body is not sore, just my hips. Some recovery for lower will be on tap tonight as well.

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Brian is a world-class powerlifter with over two decades of elite and pro-level powerlifting under his belt. Coming back from a devastating back injury in 2012 that broke multiple bones and that most experts said he would never recover from, he has returned to the pinnacle of world-class lifting (while 100% pain and symptom-free) and is now dedicated to helping others avoid the same mistakes that he made in the past through private and group coaching in Jacksonville, FL. Brian’s impressive recovery has given him the opportunity to teach and deliver talks to physical therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors, professional strength & conditioning coaches and experts from all facets of sport, on how to avoid injury, while building anti-fragile strength and resilience in athletes.
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