Chris Bartl Training Log 11/24/14

Ok let’s be honest….nobody gives a shit about a deload deadlift day.  But for those that are interested, here you go:

deads – lots of them

KB swings – 10 reps EMOM for 10 min

There.  Now I’m happy.

To the good stuff!  I got my next 5 weeks of training from the head master over at 10/20/Life headquarters.  We are sticking with some raw work because I suck at raw lifting.  First day was front squats and I was really happy to have the bar on the front.  I think with my unrack fucking with my head a little, this will be a nice change.  Plus my goal at the end of this cycle is to front squat what some guru personal trainer can back squat…so take that internet warriors!

Today was all about floor press.  I was not surprised one bit to see this added in there because the last time I had a huge jump in my bench numbers was after a long cycle of floor pressing just before going back in to my shirt.  Since this is a shortened cycle, I am not expecting a 50 pound PR like last time but I do expect a good showing in March.

Nothing fancy to write home about….enjoy for your reading and viewing pleasure.


Warm Up

Bird Dog lots of holds

Rolling planks – lots of rolls

McGill Crunches – lots of them

Push Ups 3×10

Hammer Curls 3×10

Floor Press

bar 3×10





275×6 – RPE 6


Flat DB Press

3×15 – 85

Band Fly 50

Band Tri 50

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