Chris Bartl Training Log 9/20/14

Currently 2-weeks out from USPA So-Cal Championships in Long Beach.  This is an Arnold qualifier and I will be competing in 242 weight class.  Weight as of this day’s training was 245.6.


We are getting down to crunch time.  I usually stay pretty mellow on the outside but inside I am going crazy.  The emotion and intensity of a meet starts to creep in and the excitement builds.  This is the time when I usually will have a far off look on my face for most of the day because I am visualizing what every lift will look like and how the meet will go.  I always try and go in to each meet with two sets of expectations:

1.  what WILL happen

2. what I WANT to happen

These are two totally different things in my opinion.  The first one, what WILL happen, is basically what a meet would look like if I go 3-9 and only hit my openers.  While they aren’t guarantee’s, they are weights that I should be able to handle any given training day and twice while being sick.  The second is the vision I have in my head of how the meet will go.  This is what I strive and plan for.  Sometimes my mind thinks bigger than what I can actually do and I’m fine with that.  Just means that I have high expectations of myself and what I can do and should everything go according to plan, more times than not, will happen.

Today was a Big 3 day where I took all my openers.  This was a grain of salt type day because essentially you are taking 90% of your max in all three lifts, that require the appropriate warm up for all three lifts and do it all in under 3 hours.  Oh and I don’t usually eat while I train, unlike during meets where I eat in between each lift.  I feel this gets me really ready for the meet because I will be used to taking heavy lifts while totally depleted on food for energy and have to live off my drive and will power, so when I do come in to the meet, I am already prepared to feel like shit and still smoke my openers.

Everything felt really good today minus my bench.  It’s not that the weight was too heavy but I didn’t get my shirt on right and my left hand was totally pronated and my right hand was totally supinated.  This is not good.  What you will see in the video is me almost touching before my push.  I was really fighting the shirt down and it took all I had to get it down as low as I did.  I know I can hit this weight and am not too worried about it.  This is where my handler comes in, whom I have the most complete trust in in helping me get my shirt dialed in right.  We were also trying out a three man hand off for the first time and let’s just say, we need a LOT of work to clean that up.

Squats felt great and didn’t go too tight on the straps or knee wraps and did the same on my deadlift suit.  Wanted to hit my openers with light gear just so I know I can.  I feel really good about my body weight and my lifts right now, so for the next two weeks, it’s hitting my accessory work and try not to do anything stupid. [share title=”Share this Article” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” linkedin=”true” pinterest=”true” reddit=”true” email=”true”][author title=”About the Author”]

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