CrossFit Wilmington – 10/20/Life Seminar 1/22 & 23


Kim and brian
Kim is a stud athlete who is also very eager to learn

10/20/life Seminar at Crossfit Wilmington

Going back to last year, the crew and I did about 15 seminars all across the country. From CA, to KS, to SC, NY and all throughout the Midwest. This year’s first stop was in Wilmington, NC at teammate Tony Cowden’s former Crossfit gym, Crossfit Wilmington.

To say the weekend was a success and a great time would be an understatement. I think it went very, very well. But, that’s not for me to judge so I’ll leave that alone. I did enjoy myself, we had a great group and I thought there were minimal issues to deal with.


Kicking off the weekend, Byrd and headed up to NC around 4pm (from North FL) on Thursday and took i95 for about 250-300 miles which sucks….but we made the most of our time. We took care of some business, made a few calls to the team and had some very good discussions with the team. I make it a point whenever possible to stay in as much contact with the team so I never get too disconnected. Or minimize the possibilities at the VERY least.

Once we rolled up to Wilmington around 10pm, it was time to go to sleep. Byrd and I were pretty smoked from the drive. Tony, Hoff and Beth ate dinner before we got into town, so we called it a night and met up in the am in the lobby of the hotel around 845 and headed to meet Tony for breakfast.


Up until this point, I’d never met Tony, but clicked very well with him on many phone conversations. HUGE thanks to Will Kuenzel for connecting us. Thank you Will! Byrd, Beth, Tony and myself sat down, ate and talked for about 2 hours about a LOT. I really enjoyed the discussion, some of which I will not share. Actually, most of it I won’t share. None really to be frank. haha

After food, we headed over to the Xfit gym and got some training in with the crew. Nice facility – Beth pulled, squatted and benched. We really focused on Beth’s bench and made a couple of changes that really carried over the following week, but read her log to see this. Byrd and I did some fluff and buff (we planned out our training so we could relax on this weekend and not stress). We dialed in Tony’s squat and pull (didn’t need much) and saw some immediate improvements. The gym is badass btw and massive, pretty much everything you could ever want – minus a yoga ball.


Before long, Crystal, Will, Paltos and others met up with us and we all caught up for a minute or 2. It’s always good to see and chat with that crew. Scott had to take a deviated path just to make it to the seminar and Will stepped up to let him ride. Good stuff, guys. Scott is looking big and most importantly healthy after his neck surgery in September, so he was in good spirits.

After training wrapped up on Friday, we headed to chipotle and got some food ( I Love chipotle), then it was nap time…

Dinner was at Poes Burger joint with the whole crew and worked out very well. Great burgers and atmosphere there. I personally love Edgar Allen Poe and his work, so this place is extra cool to me.


Saturday day 1 of seminar:
At around 9:15 we kicked off the seminar with some lectures and some opening up about who we are, where we have been and where we are going.

We covered the 5 principles of 10/20/life and why they are applicable for anyone. We covered the warmup and how to approach it, diet and so on… We also drew a lot of parallels to Tony’s ENDStrength program and how we have much of the same outlook on MANY THINGS.


We covered the squat & the bench, then finished the day with some simple Q&A and went home for the night, as we still had a lot to do the next day.

Sunday, Day 2 started the same as day one with lecture in the classroom, but with a bit more detailed & specific coverage of a few topics from the day prior, some more Q&A, training around injuries and so on. Just a lot of good stuff covered. We also did a review of day 1.

For the hands on portion of day 2, the crew reiterated and went through the warm-up, then, we covered the deadlift (both sumo and conv), the clean and the snatch. I stayed away from the OLY lifts, and Beth, Scotty and Tony handled this. I think it’s very important to have a realistic view of yourself and where your lane should be. For me, I do not belong discussing OLY lifts, so I stay the hell away. During this time, Byrd, myself and Will discussed powerlifting and a private more isolated Q&A with the group of attendees who didn’t want to learn the OLY lifts.


This was a good time to share personal experiences with an indepth discussion about various topics.
To wrap up the weekend, we finished with some thoughts, discussions and an open floor Q&A. Great time! And it just FLEW by, as always. It was time to head back to reality. The drive home kinda sucked, but it’s all part of it right? Good thing John offered to drive us home. NOT.

I want to say how proud I am of the team I put together – just getting to watch Scott, Crystal, Beth, Tony, and Will work, coach and teach in a second nature manner that is REAL, is so cool. This is what I’m all about. NO flash, no hardcore false bravado, being REAL. And we do this better than anyone. There is a huge difference in demonstrating, or showing off, showcasing etc, and actually teaching, which is a whole different animal. Many can lift, but can you teach?

bench set up

Huge thanks to all who came out and attended the seminar weekend. I met some super cool people like Hoff, Kimmie, and some really great lifters and attendees that have a TON of potential.

Massive thanks for my coaches making the trip to come help and to Tony for helping put this thing together with the million and 1 things he has going on.

I 100% believe in what we’re doing with, 10/20/life – our coaches, system and our beliefs & values. We are all like-minded and this is what will see us through and make us successful, no doubt.

If you’re interested in hosting a 10/20/Life seminar, Shoot me an email and we can discus.

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