Dain Soppelsa’s Training Log for 3/24/17

Day 3 Squat/DL Accessories

Warm-up consisting of McGill Big 3 and Goblet Squats

McGill Pull-ups

10 singles

Barbell Rows w/Fat Bar

205 x 8 x 4

Shrugs w/Fat Bar

205 x 15 x 3

Piston Squats w/ Buffalo Bar

225 x 5 x 3

Bulgarian Squats

3 sets 15 reps per leg

Single Leg GM

15 x 3 per leg w/ KB

Used the fat bar for as much as we could since my grip is and has always been my limiting factor for deadlifts. Hope to make my hands much stronger during this off-season. Pretty short session. We kept a good pace which won’t hurt my conditioning, that’s for sure.



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Dain Soppelsa

Dain comes to the PowerRackStrength Team with many years of competitive experience. He started competing in southwest Michigan in 2001 and has primarily lifted multi-ply since then. He has totaled pro in 3 weight classes; 2304@275, 2435@308 and 2500@SHW. His best lifts include a 1060 squat, 800 bench and 715 deadlift.
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