It’s log, it’s log

I have been slacking a little on my log duties.

Had a nice little fever all weekend, it is hot as shit here in OKC, my dog is an asshole and well that’s enough bitching so onto today’s bench sesh… a word I really just want to punch myself for using right now.

** Flat Barbell Bench Press **
– 95.0 lbs x 10 reps
– 135.0 lbs x 10 reps
– 185.0 lbs x 5 reps
– 225.0 lbs x 5 reps
– 275.0 lbs x 2 reps
– 345.0 lbs x 2 reps

That was about a RPE7-8, fast and easy.

Added a little slinger work.

– 425.0 lbs x 2 reps

Ended it there for the day since I am still recovering.

** 4 Board Press **
– 315.0 lbs x 5 reps
– 315.0 lbs x 5 reps
– 315.0 lbs x 5 reps

3 board pressing doesn’t do much for me since I have the wingspan of a Condor, so I used a 4 board for my tricep work. A couple years ago my triceps were the strong point of my bench, now they are lagging behind which is a huge reason why my shirted bench work isn’t where it should be.

** Band Fly **
– 20 reps
– 20 reps
– 20 reps

** V-Bar Push Down **
– 120.0 lbs x 20 reps
– 120.0 lbs x 20 reps
– 120.0 lbs x 20 reps

** Heavy Band Retractions **
– 15 reps
– 15 reps
– 15 reps

Not a bad day, pretty run of the mill. I’ll take it considering a couple days ago I was laying on the couch unable to move without hating life.

*this post brought to you by excuses, we all have them, use them wisely*

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