Jonathan Byrd 805 Bench and Raw Squats

Monday put me 12 days out from my meet in Ft. Lauderdale. Right now the plan is to just bench. The goal for the day was to take my opener and then shut it down.

Raw warm ups
added 3board
added shirt
1×1@565 2board
1×1@675 1board
1×1@725 full range and commands (PR)
This is where I got a little off track
1×1@805 1board (BIG PR)
3×10 band fly
3×10 push downs

Right now the plan is to open at 725. This is the weight I missed on a third attempt in June (4months) and a 20lb PR. Touching isn’t an issue, so as long as form stays solid I will crush a big PR. The 805 flew up, and I have no doubt that I can bench it full range if my form stays dialed in.
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