Morgan Colling | Offseason | Week 1 Squat & Fluff

I recently competed in the XPC Finals at the Arnold on March 4th in Columbus, OH where I totaled 745 @ 123. I don’t currently have my next meet selected, although I plan on competing at some point this fall. I recently began a long offseason under Brian Carroll’s tutelage.


I recently started a new job in healthcare working 12-hour overnight shifts. I am experimenting with my training split to find the best possible schedule. I began my week with squats on Saturday followed by a quick fluff session on Sunday.

Saturday: Squat

  • Warm-up
    • McGill big 3
    • Goblet & pistol squat
    • Hip & shoulder mobility
    • Squat 45x2x10
  • Set work
    • Pause front squat 5×5 – top set 135
    • Pause squat 3×5 – top set 155
    • Piston squat 3×10 – top set 95
    • Bird dog 5x10s holds
    • McGill crunch 5x10s holds
    • Rolling plank 3×20

What’s nice about offseason is that now is the time to tinker if necessary. After going to Jax for our SWOT session, Brian (and everyone else) told me to never come back if I was still squatting in oly shoes. I’m back in my good ol’ Chucks so I’m getting used to that which is why I did my best to stay true to my RPE and not take anything too heavy while getting used to new shoes.

Sunday: Fluff & buff

  • Warm-up
    • McGill big 3
    • Hip & shoulder mobility
  • Set work circuit-style 3×15
    • Lateral raise
    • Band pushdown
    • Band fly
    • DB bench press
    • DB seated shoulder press
    • Hammer curl
  • Finisher
    • Stir the pot x100
    • Suicide plank x20

I suppose that it’s worth noting that I am doing some low-intensity cardio on my off days. My goal is to walk at least one mile at a moderate pace and high incline 3x per week.

I should also note that the above usage of the word “mobility” should be taken very lightly. I’ve got a cranky shoulder from years of softball and really tight hips; I do a short series of rotator cuff and hip external rotation exercises before every training session.



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Brian Carroll

Brian is a world-class powerlifter with over two decades of elite and pro-level powerlifting under his belt. Coming back from a devastating back injury in 2012 that broke multiple bones and that most experts said he would never recover from, he has returned to the pinnacle of world-class lifting (while 100% pain and symptom-free) and is now dedicated to helping others avoid the same mistakes that he made in the past through private and group coaching in Jacksonville, FL. Brian’s impressive recovery has given him the opportunity to teach and deliver talks to physical therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors, professional strength & conditioning coaches and experts from all facets of sport, on how to avoid injury, while building anti-fragile strength and resilience in athletes.
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