Morgan Colling | Offseason | Week 2 Deadlift & Fluff

I recently competed in the XPC Finals at the Arnold on March 4th in Columbus, OH where I totaled 745 @ 123. I don’t currently have my next meet selected, although I plan on competing at some point this fall. I recently began a long offseason under Brian Carroll’s tutelage.


Friday: Deadlift

  • Warm-up
    • McGill big 3
    • Glute bridge & KB SL good morning
    • Hip & shoulder mobility
    • Deadlift 45x2x10
  • Set work
    • Pause deadlift 4×4 – top set 205
    • 2″ deficit stiff-leg deadlift 3×5 – top set 135
    • Pull-ups 3 max sets – 8, 6, 6

Sunday: Bench

  • Warm-up
    • McGill big 3
    • Hip & shoulder mobility
  • Set work 3×15 circuit-style
    • DB lat raise
    • Band pushdown
    • Band fly
    • DB bench press
    • DB seated shoulder press
    • Hammer curl
  • Finisher
    • Stir the pot x100
    • Suicide plank x20

Remember when my deadlifts were slow AF off of the floor? Me neither. >:)

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