Morgan Colling | Offseason | Week 4 Squat, Bench & Deadlift

I recently competed in the XPC Finals at the Arnold on March 4th in Columbus, OH where I totaled 745 @ 123. I don’t currently have my next meet selected, although I plan on competing at some point this fall. I recently began a long offseason under Brian Carroll’s tutelage.


Monday: Squat

  • Warm-up
    • McGill big 3
    • Goblet & pistol squats
    • Hip & shoulder mobility
    • Squat 45x2x10
  • Set work
    • Front pause squat 5×5 – top set 145
    • Pause squat 3×5 – top set 165
    • Piston squat 3×10 – top set 95
    • Bird dog 5x15sec holds
    • McGill crunch 5x15sec holds
    • Rolling plank 3×20

Tuesday: Bench

  • Warm-up
    • McGill big 3
    • Side lats & Band flyes
    • Hip & shoulder mobility
    • Bench 45x2x10
  • Set work
    • Floor press 5×5 – top set 135
    • Form bench 80x5x2
    • DB incline bench 3×10 – top set 30’s

Sunday: Deadlift

  • Warm-up
    • McGill big 3
    • Glute bridge & KB SL good mornings
    • Hip & shoulder mobility
    • Deadlift 45x2x10
  • Set work
    • Pause deadlift 5×5 – top set 205
    • Stiff-leg 2″ deficit deadlift 3×5 – top set 145
    • Max pull-ups 3 sets – 10, 7, 5

So squat day turned out to be much more than originally planned, and I have school to thank for that. I’m in a graduate-level fitness assessment class, and as I rushed into class immediately following my squat workout, I was informed that I had to perform one of two tests that day: VO2 max or Wingate. “Okay,” I said. “No problem. I administer these all the time.” Nope, it was my turn to BE the subject…damn it. I opted for the 30-second Wingate test as it is aerobic and I figured that anything would be better than running with tubes attached to my face post-squatting. Anyhoo…Wingate tests measure peak anaerobic power and anaerobic capacity. There was very little variation between my peak and minimum power output, which resulted in a stupid low fatigue index. This basically means that I’m a glycolytic beast.


My husband and I were in Dallas for the weekend to seeing one of my long-time favorite bands, The Used, play a two-day show at the House of Blues. Being in Dallas meant that I may or may not have eaten In-N-Out for lunch every day, but who’s counting? And I’m over here like, “Vega pls help…” Our five-hour drive quickly turned into much more thanks to Oklahoma highways constantly being under construction. We spent a day at the Galleria because Louis didn’t know what it was and then I avoided Lush like the plague because I’m poor.



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