RPS Honor and Glory Meet – 10.25.14 – 242 class Part 2


Part 2: The meet

My opener was set for 1050. My best ever at 242 is 1063, but I had bigger plans in mind. My warm-ups went well, my gear fit like it should and everything felt light. My warm-ups looked like this:
Briefs on
Suit bottoms on, light straps
Last warm-up with wraps
960 – went smooth
I went out to take my opener and everything went well. Took 1050 for a smooth ride and had no issues other than it not coming out of the rack very easily but other than that, no issues. Then we made the decision, much against what I’d typically advise a younger lifter and went right to the alltime WR of 1145. To me, this meet was only about getting back on the platform, and once I was in the meet, I wanted that number.

I had all kinds of set-up issues and it smashed me in the bottom. Ugly.
I had the whole round to think about if I wanted to take it again, and I decided to take it. We did some different things on this set-up and I got it in a much better groove. I came down, then up with it and couldn’t quite stand up all the way with it. Maybe 4” shy of finishing it. I think the second took it out of me as I messed with it for a while. Looking back, it would have been nice to have taken an 1100 on a second and padded my total, but it did give me 2 shots at it and I almost eeked out the third. I went for it, and don’t have regrets.

Before long, it was time to warm-up on the bench. A little disappointed in missing the big squat, but not sidetracked. It was not the goal for the day, the goal was to finish. In hindsight I sure gave my back a huge test and chance to blow apart, as well as every chance for it to act up during the deads.
Shirt on
Opener was 750, and it went OK. I touched a little low, and had to regroove it. Moved slower than I liked! So I called for 780, which was 5lb off my best ever in the class. I didn’t get my air right, and about 2” from touching I about blacked out and had them grab it. I was less than happy about this, and called for the same weight on 3rd. I retook and pressed it smooth. I’m glad I made this lift otherwise I’d be in a bad way. I know I cost myself about 20lb and my 3rd weight class with an 800+ bench, but I’ll get there.

Sitting at a 1050 and 780 which is an 1830 subtotal. Not as high as I was hoping for a best case scenario, but I was in the meet and PAIN FREE AFTER BENCH. This was enough for me to call it a victory. Time to warm-up on the deadlift and the moment of truth. Could I get down to the bar??

At this point, I really, really believe that if you’re not warm at this point in the day, then you’ll never be warm and that you do not need 7 sets on the dead to open at 6-700, but that’s just me. I think it’s a waste of energy, time and grip/precious skin on your hands. All you need is enough. For me, it’s about 3-4 sets TOPS – all singles.

Opener was 650 and I was not taking any chances about finishing the meet. It went well and was easy. Now it was time to look at numbers. Top current total in world was 2546, so I needed a 720 for 2550. That was my second and it was easy too, no pain – no awkwardness or even fatigue. So then I was challenged to make a decision. Take 750 for 2580(small total PR) or chase that 2600 total and go with 770 and really stretch the limits of what I was capable of on the day. Chad walker talked me into it, and so I called for it. I really had to check my gut before approaching the bar and did everything I had to do to prepare myself for the lift. Keep in mind I have not held more than 725 in my hands since my whole rehab stint, so this was as much mental and physical for me as any lift I’d ever done. I went out and gutted it out, as it kicked out in front of me a bit but I stayed patient and squeezed my glutes and pulled it back in and finished it. This really saved the day for me, not just the 2600 total, but gaining my confidence back in my back (hahah) but my pull. I now know that I can train my deadlift again, and go over 800. This was not always the case for me. Mentally, I knew it would come back some, but just now sure how much it would come back and when.


Final results: 2600 total, going 6/9, 30lb total PR at 242 – satisfied with the results and how this cycle panned out. Could it have been better? Sure, but it’s a meet, stuff happens. The point of this was to see where I was, and most importantly test my back/make it through a meet and this: practice what I preach in both the cutting weight and 10/20/Life ebooks

I cannot thank Shawn Knowles enough for his hospitality, Rudy Rosales for the best gear and best and most complete sponsorship I’ve ever been offered, My Wife Ria for sticking by me, supporting my rehab, not ever telling me to quit and move on – and not killing me at times and being the best supporter and handler ever, my best friends at Team Samson ( especially Adam for opening up his house 11 years ago) – all of you have been great, that’s why it’s called a team. You guys always go to bat for me, and I love each of you. Thanks to my AWESOME team at Powerrackstrength.com and my extended family in Michigan at MBB. HUGE thanks to all of you who came down to support and handle us. Keith and JB had great days as well, and made it even more fun to see this as we all lifted together. I can’t thank you guys enough for all you’ve done and helped me with 10/20/Life. Thank you and this is only the start. Thank you so much for the calls, texts and messages.


Special thanks to Dr. Stuart Mcgill and his guidance over the last year and a half. This guy is the best in the world as what he does and was brutally honest with me about what could or might happen. I can’t thank you enough Stu, and I don’t care HOW MUCH you get sick of me thanking you! This would not have happened without your help.

I’m not happy with the results, but I’m content for now. Next up will is the XPC Arnold weekend at 242. I’ll go into detail soon about what I’m going to do for the next month, what I need to improve on, and what I want to do with my bodyweight/composition in the meantime!

I have a lot more that I could say about the motivation going forward and all that’s happened this year, but I’ll save that for an article.

Thank you for reading!

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