RPS US Open Part 4

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Check out this sweet video that Mark Bell loaded up as well. Love it

As scatterbrained as I can be at times with the different areas that take up a lot of my time and attention, I have realized that there are a few things and people that I missed as well as a few observations that I left out. NOTE – nobody called me out, mentioned this or chewed me a new one. I’d tell you if I got some well deserved chewing.

First, hats off to Chris Bartl as the RPS State Chair for helping run a very good meet. The meet ran very well and Chris did Gracie right by him helping to ensure it was a good day. Thank you Chris. Chris was in the back checking on us all day as well as making sure the table was on point.


Paul Key for his bench mentoring and massive help with the shirt & bench overall. Paul’s phone has been out of commission for the last little bit and I haven’t been in much contact with him as he was one of the first people I messaged after the meet to thank for the bench adjustments and help. TRUST ME – if you want your bench dialed in, shoot Paul a message and he will get you taken care of. Thank you Paul.

I had a great time at this meet hanging with Jimmie and his awesome Girl Emily. Ria and I had a wonderful time eating, chilling and then at the meet with you guys. Jimmie, the sky is the limit for you bud.
Rachel – super proud of you and what you’ve overcome in just your second equipped me. Coming soon: 501 and 450. See you soon!

Ryan Sarko and Scott Brewer – great seeing you guys and hanging out. Great time.

JP Price – congrats on a HUGE meet and winning best overall unequipped lifter! It was awesome to see, big guy.

Dan Bell – I like you more and more each time I see you. Congrats on the huge PRs. It was nice hanging and getting to know Jboss some.


Kevin & Mary Smith- Great seeing you both and great lifting Kevin. We will get together for some decor and some triple threat sooner than later. Maybe see you next month!

Tory Peltzer – It was great to see you again, a few tweaks and you will be super hard to beat. Let me know if you need anything to help you.

Thank you to my PRS team AGAIN For picking up some slack while I was competing – Nikki, Morgan and Dean for helping with a LOT! Thank you much!

I want to also take the time to once again thank all of the people who helped me in this LONG training cycle going into the Arnold (starting in December) this meet and now onto the next one! I reiterate and want to thank Byrd, Jason, Adam, Wayne, Filipe, Todd, Lisa, Conrad, Paul, Beth, Zane, DD, Scott, Clint, Channing, Ria, and everyone that played a part in this prep since December in some way. Thank you so much for the help, both far and near. It really means a lot to me.


Stu McGill – thank you so much for your help, advice and mentoring. You didn’t have to help me out. 3 years ago, I was done. May 1 2013 was another chance for me and a fresh start. Thank you so much – and I’m very much looking forward to our project.

Al from Captain Jacked, thank you for supporting some of my team with great Nubreed and Magnum supplements and I’m proud to say we will be taking our partnership to the next level very soon!

Finally, thank you to all the great people that have been a support and believe in 10/20/Life and PRS. Thank you so much. The best is yet to come!

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