Hello all PRS friends

Right now because of starting a new PT job (and looking for a place to live) and a bunch of other career commitments (helping with 2 universities, starting a website) I find myself looking at a long *ss offseason with no meet picked out for the foreseeable future.

With such a long offseason ahead I was wondering if you guys had any general advice for how to make the most out of it without becoming stale or regressing? I was wondering about mixing in some powerbuilding style training in with the regular offseason from the book.

Basically my training split is as follows

Sun – Fluff & Buff: can vary if I’m on the road or in my regular gym

Tues – Squats, Deadlifts, & Chest Supported Rows + Leg Presses for assistance

Thurs – Bench, Militaries, Bench Dips, DB Bench, Hammer Curls & Stir The Pots

Fri – Squat/DL assistance consisting of Rack Deadlifts, McGill Chins, BB Rows, Piston Squats, Single Leg GMs, Bulgarians & Suitcase Carries

Plus I do a bit of sled work after Tues workout & a couple days of easy cardio on off days just for general health & being able to recover within and between my workouts.

Thanks all.

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