• Anybody have a suggestion when it comes to the shirt? I’m currently using the single ply Metal “M” shirt. I have about one “good” rep per session and the rest goes down the drain.

Any tips or suggestions are appreciated!

ME Upper 1) Shirted Bench. 325lbs to about a one boardish range. Try and touch 335lbs twice. First one fuck up and try to rush the touch and then get super fucking sloppy to finish it… third attempt, forget to flair and get caught in no mans land. Still sucking in the shirt, trying to suck a little less every week. I said before this was going to be a long learning curve. Anyway continuing on: 2) Close Grip 3 board 4×5 3) DB Flat Bench 3×10 4) Overhead Tricep Extension 5) Med Ball Dip Machine Pressdown 4×25 6) Standing Rope Crunch 100 reps If I could put an entire rep of Bench together from top to bottom instead of one good eccentric part and one good concentric part of the lift I'd be good. One day the eccentric is good and the concentric is shit and vice Versa. Can't blame anyone but me and come meet day I'm going to have this shit figured out, until then it's suck less each time. Have a great Friday everyone! #powerlifting #benchpress #equippedlifting #singleply #gometal #westsidebarbell #westsidevstheworld #conjugate #conjugatestrong #conjugatenation #conjugatevstheworld #tigerfitness #teammerciless #mercilessathletics

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