Hi Brian,

I wanted to say a massive thank you for the gift of injury I believe every lifter should read this book injured or not. I wanted to ask about transitioning from the Big 3 and walking program, as outlined in the back mechanic and the gift of in injury back to lifting.
I have an L4-L5 & L5- S1 posterior herniation’s (confirmed by MRI), the self-assessment section from the back mechanic confirmed that my pain triggers were consistent with lumbar herniation’s, I am flexion intolerant as well as being intolerant of excessive flexion, though minor flexion decreases all my pain triggers. I have noticed significant relief from modifying my daily movements, walking and strengthening my core with the big 3, I have been performing these for around 8 weeks and am mostly pain free though I still have some localised aches and tightness some times.

I have recently started to lift conservatively again, utilising farmers walks, goblet squats, feat up benching and some machines like chest supported rows and hamstring curls. I have noticed that I have some localised pain and tightness the day following my training sessions, I wanted to know if this is part of the recovery process and something you experienced or a sign that I am doing too much too soon?

I also wanted to know if I’m using too wide of an exercise selection. I have designed my days around the combo day template.

Thank you again,

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Brian Carroll Answered question April 16, 2018