Byrd Video Blog II: 11 Days out, weight cut, and last warm ups!

Here we are, just over 11 days away from weigh ins and the cut as started! Here is a short review of my squats from this week and deads. In the video break down will be 870, my last warm up, and 585 deadlift also my last warm up. Any questions, things you want answered, stuff you would like to see in the log? Let me know and I will try to do my best to give the people what they want!

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Jonathan Byrd

Jonathan Byrd is a competitive powerlifter, with over 16 years of training experience. Byrd has been ranked nationally for the past 6 years under multiple categories. His total has ranked as high as second nationally in the 275 class. He currently has a best total of 2500lbs. Best individual lifts include a 1040lb squat, a 750lb bench press, and 735lb deadlift. His 1040lb squat ranks him 26th all-time squats at the 308 class. Jonathan currently trains out of Team Samson Gym in Jacksonville, FL. Before powerlifting Jonathan was a college athlete at Methodist University as both an all-conference football player and track athlete. Following graduation he played four years of arena football in various leagues.
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