Brian Carroll Offseason – Week 1 squat/deadlift assistance work


18 weeks until the Arnold, which is March 7. I plan on taking these next 2 weeks to get back into the groove and lay a more solid foundation as I approach 5 weeks of offseason, then 10 weeks leading into the meet, starting at the end of Jan.

I plan on bringing my bodyweight down to the 260 range vs 265 – 268 so I can make the cut as simple as possible. I’ll be working on dropping the bodyweight slowly over the next 10 weeks.

I’ll continue with my walks every day, and I’ve actually added in some hill sprints to switch it up for a while.

The goals for the Arnold are to place well, and hit some big numbers at 242. I think with a good day, there’s only a few people who can beat me.

I’ll be working on building up my tricep/chest strength as well and back and quads. This last cycle was more of a retention cycle, as I tried to keep as much strength from 290+ as possible, so now the goal is to have some solid offseason time to build some strength/momentum going into the prep phase. You can read more about how I do this in 10/20/life.

Wednesday’s training:

Mcgill pull-ups: 20, fast paced and zero rest other than resetting grips. Went neutral, wide and close. These are very very good for upper and mid back strength.

DB shrug: 3×10
1 arm KB swing: 3×10
Goblet squat: 3×12
GHR: 3×10
Hammer curl: 3×10
Lat pull-down: 3×10


Great session. More along the lines of what I was wanting to start off with on the first week of training vs what I did Monday, which was heavier than I should have. EGO.

Upper back and hams will be something I will continue to hammer on this day until the Arnold.

I’m going to pick up a few clients over the next few weeks if you are interested and want to get some custom 10/20/Life programming with coaching. Diet, training and weekly consults with video review and more is available. Contact me here: for more information.

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