Zane Geeting, Sunday afternoon shirted benching


I’m currently training to make my comeback to the platform at the XPC finals at the Arnold Classic. Between now and then I’ll be doing Dan Dalenberg’s push/pull meet here in MI, in Jan.


Sunday afternoon was the first time I’ve had a bench shirt on in quite a while. I did have some luck with a loose one several months back, and was able to handle 405 pain free. I went back to that same loose shirt for this session, to see how things felt. Here’s what I did:

Warm up

Fat man rows and push ups


Side laterals

Lat pulldowns


warm up to 275×1 raw, then…

Loose bench shirt

365×3- 2.5 board

405×3- 2.5 board

-Not bad at all, no pain. Will go up from here, next week.

Close grip 3 board, raw

3×3 up to 315×3

Seated DB OHP

3×10, up to 90 lb. DB’s

Single arm band pushdowns

3×12 w/average band, ea. arm

Band pull aparts

3×20-25 w/light band


That was the end of it. Something to keep in mind as you read this, is that everything is being done extremely light here. I’m probably capable of a 400 raw bench still if my pec could hold up to it. Its not worth it for me to risk it though as it starts to cramp up with weights over 300. I’ll never do a big raw bench in competition again because of the injury, so its not worth it to risk it at all in training.

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Zane Geeting

Zane Geeting is a pro multi-ply powerlifter with best lifts of a 935 squat, 625 bench, and 765 deadlift. He is coming back to competitive PL after a year and a half layoff that was a result of several serious injuries including a severe rupture of the right pec that could not be repaired. Zane has an extremely busy schedule that would make most people quit before Friday. He works 55+ hours a week as a finance manager. As a renaissance man, he is also currently restoring a 140 year-old farmhouse and maintaining a hobby farm. Despite all this, Zane still finds time to train 2-3 times per week, as well as coach other lifters.  
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