10/20/Life – Strength for a Lifetime Seminar in Ithaca, Michigan 11/30/14

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10/20/Life – Strength for a Lifetime Workshop in Ithaca, Michigan 11/30/14

Liz Dudek was kind enough to have Marc Tejero, Beth Thomas, Ken Richardson as well as myself, come in for a small, in-house seminar for her gym in Ithaca, Michigan – outside of lansing. I was very excited to do this as Liz and I hit it off VERY well both at the original SFALT in Howell, October 5th and stayed in contact for the next few weeks. After a few conversations, we decided to have one at her gym “Stay Fit Gratiot County” in Ithaca, MI.

I have to say; for a group of people that didn’t have too much of a powerlifting background, they responded VERY VERY well to the lecture, Q&A and the hands on portions of the seminar and really took to all of the suggestions and form cues.

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To be blunt, they were one of the best groups I’ve ever worked with. Props to Liz for this!

Questions were asked, adjustments were made that IMMEDIATELY turned into improvements realized both in form and in weight moved on the squat/bench/deadlift.

We started off with Ken talking about his career in powerlifting, bodybuilding and simply being in the game for 30+ years. Basically longevity and what he’s learned. Then, Marc and Beth spoke about their background in strength training and how they got into the iron game as well as what their training approaches are as well. Also, what they’ve accomplished and want to do in the sport of powerlifting and why they choose to compete the way they do.

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I spoke for a little bit on 5 of the things you should consider focusing on concerning your strength training as well as things to avoid or most likely avoid in most cases. I also got into a little bit about my injury and lifting history and what I’ve had to learn the hard way – which is a LOT.
We then went through the McGill big 3, as well as a full warm-up as a group and dialed everyone with their movement and positioning. As I stated earlier, this was a very solid group that took to the ‘McGill big 3, very nicely. Once everyone had it down, we broke into groups and split up according to height and strength. We set-up 3 different stations: 1. Squat – Ken, 2. Bench – Marc, and 3. Deadlift – Beth teaching both sumo and conventional style. I spent time with all groups at each station as I weaved my way back and forth and worked/spent time with each group.

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After everyone dialed in their form, made improvement and asked their questions in each group, we ran through each station until everyone was confident and then we all came back to do an open floor Q&A session before closing the seminar out.

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I think it went very well and the feedback has been very good so far. You can usually tell if people are getting what you’re putting down. You can also tell if people aren’t interested in changing their ‘bad’ habits. This group was all ears.

I want to thank Liz Dudek for having us, once again. Thank you for trusting me and my team, Liz! We had a great time at your great facility.
Thank you Beth, Marc and Kenny for all of your help with PRS, 10/20/Life and everything you have done for me over the last few months. I really appreciate each one of you! Kenny – your connections are unreal so thank you so much!

Thanks to all who attended this seminar and supported Liz and our team!
If you are interested in having Team 10/20 put on a seminar near you, or at your facility – make sure to contact myself (look for the button in the bottom right corner of your screen) and we can discuss. Also, make sure to check our calendar HERE to see if we will be in your area in the coming months.
You can also reach me here: Briancarroll.lmt@gmail.com

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