Ask me anything at 1pm EST Friday, 5-17-24

Ask me anything at 10am est Friday 5/17/24

Join me, Brian Carroll, on Friday, May 17, at 1 pm EST for a live Q&A/AMA session via Youtube. Even if you miss it, you can catch the replay. I will be doing these Q&A sessions once a month via YouTube and will do my very best to help you out, even if it’s just a “maybe.” I will take any questions about fitness, training, strength, drugs, back injury, strength training, 10/20/Life, Gift of Injury, exercise form, etc.

Common questions undoubtedly include, “Can you help me fix my back?” and “Can you assemble a program for me?” “What should I do to relieve my back pain? What did you do for your back?”Or someone wants me to tell them how long it takes until they are better. The truth is sometimes never, or months, even years; everyone is unique. 


As much as I would love to help you create a program over the video stream without knowing anything about you, this would only be a disservice. But I can point you toward content, books, videos, and other resources to help you get started in the right direction.


Doing things slowly and sometimes prolonging the process is the way to go. There is no quick fix to get strong or a hack to fix your back; otherwise, you would not be here. After watching some starting strength videos and a chiropractic adjustment, you would have already been fixed.


I look forward to discussing this on Friday and have a few cool announcements! Once again, I’m sorry for the malfunctions of the livestream a couple of days ago.

Brian offers the following services

Back Injured Average Mary or Joe who wants their life back

Back Injured Athlete Wanting to Return to Sport

Lift and exercise coaching & cueing to troubleshoot form

Program adherence & accountability coaching

*All of these services available virtually & in-person

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Brian Carroll

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Brian Carroll is committed to helping people overcome back pain and optimizing lifts and movement. After years of suffering, he met back specialist Prof. McGill in 2013, which led to a life-changing transformation. In 2017, they co-authored the best-selling book "Gift of Injury." On October 3, 2020, Carroll made history in powerlifting by squatting 1306 lbs, becoming the first person to break this record. He retired with a secure legacy and a life free from back pain.
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