Brian Carroll | 10/20/Life new Offseason | Week 3 Bench press deload

I'm currently training in an offseason approach using the 10/20/Life method. I've only been back to training for about 20 weeks, and shoulder has been excellent (Sub-scap and Supra tears), with very few roadblocks and setbacks along the way. I've been working on a lot of things this year, one being building my powerlifting Team here at PRS HQ in Jacksonville, Fl. Another big focus has been my health, odd; I know since I'm 300lbs, but my blood work is outstanding.
As of now, I would like to be able to shoot for a qualifier late this year and then maybe the Semi-finals at the Arnold Classic convention center.
I will be attending the WPO Finals this year in IL. It will be enjoyable to sit back, watch, and have no pressure at a high-level meet.

Monday’s Deload Bench session 9.2.19

Normal 10/20/Life Warm-up


  • Bench: 225×2 – 5 sets
  • Incline Swiss bar with chains: 3×5
  • Spud strap press-down SS Hamer curl: 3×10
  • Forward sled drags: 4x50yd


As I mentioned – the last 2 weeks I’ve really overshot my numbers and either missed or barely grinded out the lifts, which is not where I want to be in my training. I’ve added in my accomidating resistance this cycle (this year) than I have in a long time. It’s what I started with at Samson 16+ years ago so I felt it was time to switch it up some. It’s been a welcomed change.


My plan is after this deload is over, to go back to lots of band tension, but recalibrate my weights for 2 weeks, then deload. Then move to chains for 5 weeks before testing a training max. Where I’m at in training right now and the goals I would like to bench 425, squat 750 in wraps and pull 700 from the floor (hook) before adding gear back in (starting with Predator Briefs). None of these are even close to PR’s (especially the bench and pull) but I kinda started over this year, so it will be a PR for my recent training.

If I get in gear by middle of October, that will give me a short prep for a meet in Dec or Jan where I just want to take some light weights, qualify and be done so I can really have some time to prep for March and make the top 15 who go to the finals.

These deloads are necessary to help keep me on the right path, even when I don’t feel like doing them.

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