Brian Carroll | 10/20/Life Precontest | Week 8 day 1 Squat and Deadlift | 3 weeks out from the WPO

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I officially started my WPO prep 9.1.18, and the goal was to start getting my body used to the Inzer gear, load, and pressure that will be coming over the next ten weeks.

We are now less than three weeks out from November 11.


This first 10/20/Life precontest 3 week mini-cycle (2 weeks up, 1 week deload) consisted of the following: Straight bar squats LUP and 4×4 knee wraps, Bench press with SDP off boards, and deads from the floor in the Fusion.


The first part (3 weeks) of my training cycle went well. The second mini-cycle went well which wrapped up Monday 10.1 with some benches in the 90% plus range off the 2board. 


I’m now sitting here writing this as training is pretty much done. The third mini-cycle is wrapping up this week.

I feel like I’ve done a training cycle let’s put it that way.


10.20.18 Saturday Week 8, day 1 Squat/DL


  • McGill Big 3
  • Side laterals
  • Scapula walks
  • Internal/external rotation
  • Rear delt flye


  1.  Squat in LUP: 755, 845, 945, 1025 Done.
  2.  Deadlift in Fusion: 405, 500,  600, 675, 725, 765
  3.  Carries/core work
  4.  Walking cooldown


For those following along, for this cycle, I’m working off my goal percentages and staying pretty much week to a week straight out of the 10/20/Life book with the template progressions, every 3-week deloads, etc. but one significant change would be multiple single-sets vs. rep-sets of triples and doubles.

Last real week of training and felt like it. I’ve certainly had worse training sessions and cycles for that matter. Writing this makes me jot down more ideas on my notepad about training cycles and meet outcomes and the article I’m working on. Spoiler: they are not always accurate projections.

I’ve had some absolute terrible cycles/ great meets. And turrable meets with great cycles; also great meets/great cycles, tearable cycles/ tearrrable meets. 

The 1025 squat felt solid. My shoulder wasn’t happy, but at this point, I cannot complain since it, to be completely transparent hasn’t been an issue this entire cycle. I opted not to take a reverse band to err on the side of being pain-free vs. a little more prepared for heavy weight. 

Deads felt good, not great. This is a great sign.

As I write this, I’m about to go through my camera and upload videos from this session as I have not watched them once, i’ll make a separate post with them later on. I honestly do not care how they look or how they felt. Meet day is all that matters and I know what to do to put myself in a position to be in the mix.

This cycle has been good, not excellent. I’d say a 7/10 as far as how ideal it’s gone. I don’t think I’ve ever had a 10/10.

Hard to believe how fast this cycle has gone by.

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Brian Carroll

Brian is a world-class powerlifter with over two decades of elite and pro-level powerlifting under his belt. Coming back from a devastating back injury in 2012 that broke multiple bones and that most experts said he would never recover from, he has returned to the pinnacle of world-class lifting (while 100% pain and symptom-free) and is now dedicated to helping others avoid the same mistakes that he made in the past through private and group coaching in Jacksonville, FL. Brian’s impressive recovery has given him the opportunity to teach and deliver talks to physical therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors, professional strength & conditioning coaches and experts from all facets of sport, on how to avoid injury, while building anti-fragile strength and resilience in athletes.
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