Brian Carroll: FAT and Week 4 – Day 2 + 3

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As I mentioned on Monday, I’m back in the life and training groove. I’m going to casually mention this but Gift of Injury – ‘The Strength Athletes Guide to recovering from Back Injury to Winning Again’ will be live on PRS next week with a special offer for those who grab it first (if interested). Anyway, next weekend’s training will be less than optimal with the RPS meet going on, so I will likely either get a training session in the warm-up room after squats/Friday night when we finish setting up our booth. Make sure to stop by the booth, say Hi and support Bert and Mindy as they work very hard putting on very good meets! I WILL have copies of GOI with me next weekend, too.

Monday was a good training session and so was Wednesday’s.

Monday 9.18.17 Bench day..

Normal Warm-up
A. Band fly/Band shoulder dislocation (break a sweat)
B. McGill big 3
C. push-ups
D. Empty bar x20 (when applicable)

Incline DB press: 6×10
Flat DB press: 4×10
Bench dip SS band press-downs: 3×10
Skulls: 3×15
Modified skulls: 3×15
Front and side plank: timed holds

Didn’t want to get under a bar, so stuck with DBs and pushed the pace a bit to an RPE of 7, where I’m staying at this point in training. This is a good opportunity to give my shoulders more of a break, and fill out my pecs some. This session felt good. Byrd took his opener and did well with it to a 1bd in his SDP. I’m looking forward to seeing Byrd, Jason and Lisa kill it next weekend in Fort Lauderdale.

Wednesday 9.20.17 Squat/DL assistance day…
Lat pulldown: 4×10
McGill pull-up: 10 singles (been a while)
DB row: 3×10
DB shrug: 5×10
One leg GM: 3×10
Hammer/arnold curl: 5×10
Front and side planks: holds for time

My knees have been bothering me a little bit for the first time in my life. This is probably due to being a little bit heavier than I should have been during this summer. I take full blame for this. So, I have been avoiding any Split squats or piston squats for a few weeks in hope to cure the pain a bit. But overall, the session was good and I’m feeling big, strong and slightly fat. This will change over the next few weeks as I dial in the details of my diet and supps. Right now the focus is on the basics: Eating consistently well, taking Primer multi-vitamin, Helix BCAA’s during training, and drinking a Quattro shake post training. Nothing too fancy, and it all tastes great.

And this: if you are into performance enhancement, you need to watch this. I’ve watched this over and over the last 4 years. It’s awesome.

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