Brian Carroll Offseason Week 1, day 2

I just finished competing at the XPC Arnold Finals 3/7/15 where I totaled 2610@242 and won the overall. I did not achieve ALL of my goals but I’m still happy with the results, not content.

I’m after the total record at 242 of 2695, and squat record of 1140. My best total ever is 2730, and best squat ever is 1185 – my best individual lifts combined are low to mid 2800’s at 275. My best total at 242 is 2610 and I will be adding to that very soon.

My next meet is RPS Meet August 29, in Atlantic City, NJ.

The plan for summer is to take my heavy weeks while home, and working raw and in briefs while gone on the road. Too many distractions while traveling to ensure that I’ll be on point and have all I need to go over 1k on the squat.

Training for this competition starts now.

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Starting a new more ‘specific’ offseason now. 12 weeks out from Saturday

Normal warm-up:
McGill Big 3
Band Fly
Band Skull

Floor press:

Incline DB: 4×10
Flat DB: 4×10

Band fly
Bench dip


Good session. I’m going to be doing a lot of floor pressing and getting back to the straight bar. It did feel strange to press with the straight bar! Most of the floor pressing that I’ve been doing has been with the cambered bar. I’ll also be working back into the Inzer SDP shirt as soon as I get it.


The goal with each lift over the next 4-5 weeks is to not only attack weak points but to still get plenty of raw volume in and also to break in my Inzergear so it’s not an issue the final 5-6 weeks like it has been at times getting the correct fit. The gear will be new to me so I don’t want to take any chances.

So each day will have a combination of raw and equipped work in this block. As I transition into precontest work for August, it will be more equipped work but I will keep the raw work there to keep muscle fullness. This will be more apparent in July when I’m training heavier.

Stay tuned for more on this in the coming days.

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