Brian Carroll Offseason – Week 2

I just finished competing at the XPC Arnold Finals 3/07 2015 where I totaled 2610@242 and won the overall. I did not achieve ALL of my goals but I’m still happy with the results, not content.


I’m now looking to possibly compete at the RPS Atlantic City meet in August at 242. This will be another fun challenge for me as I will have a unique travel schedule throughout the summer. I will be having Adam Driggers and Jonathan Byrd keeping me accountable week to week when I’m in town starting at about 10 weeks out to ensure I’m getting adequate work in since my time home with the crew will be limited. I’ll also be enlisting the help of Scott Paltos and Beth Thomas to keep an eye on my programming while traveling and when to push and when to back off.

I’ll also bounce some things off of Daniel Dalenberg, Clint Smith and Zane Geeting here and there.

The plan is to take my heavy weeks while home, and working raw and in briefs while gone on the road. Too many distractions while traveling to ensure that I’ll be on point and have all I need to go over 1k on the squat.

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I’m about ready to get back to training, and a steady diet that does NOT consist of all junk good. Almost ready.

My plan for this spring and summer is to continue to get my BW down, lean up and attack my weak-points and stay healthy. I want to be 255 or less going forward for my pre-contest work, as I don’t want to cut 20lb or more anymore and want to be healthier overall and just feel better. The closer I get to 250, the better I feel.

This spring, summer, AND fall, Team PRS will be covering a good bit of the United States doing SEMINARS AND CLINICS so make sure to check our schedule to see if I’ll be near you! If you are interested in having out team come to you, contact me here:


I lifted with my Buddy and team member Jeff Monson on Thursday night and did a lot of fluff and buff stuff while he trained. The guy has some serious endurance and for about 2min I almost did what he did (100 rep sets) but then I remembered that I’m out of shape and carried on with my stuff.

Jeff and His Wife Danielle was kind enough to have us down for the weekend. Ria and I had a GREAT time – thank you.


I wont fanboy too much, but Jeff and I get along well and he’s a super cool and funny dude. Ok, I’m sure I’ll hear about it, but oh well.

We didn’t train on Saturday and just chilled and watched “It’s Always Sunny” – oh man I’m hooked now!

Monday – Here is what I did and this felt really good.

Normal warm-up:
McGill Big 3
Band fly
Band skull

Floor Press:
top set 365×5 – RPE 7
down set: 275×12

Incline DB press: 3×12
Bench Dip: 3×15
Punching press-down: 3×30
Birddog to cool down…..

Good session, but I hit the wall on the rep set with 275. I have zero endurance right now! This will come back as I get back into the groove again. Basically, crawling out of the hole!

I’m back to walking a mile per day, eating BETTER (not great) and getting back into the motivated & greased groove.

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