Brian Carroll | Offseason |Week 3 | Assistance and Squat & Dead

I just finished 3 meets in 3 months and I’m now taking downtime to recover, rest and work on weak points. I did hit PR Total, 2651, PR squat 1102 and a PR bench 788 all at 242.


Huge thanks to Captain and Inzer Advance Designs for supporting my lifting!

I’m transitioning into more of a traditional offseason now vs the fluff and buff ‘coasting’ that I’ve been doing to heal up. 2 months has just flown by like crazy.

I’ll give a quick overview of what I have been doing:
Monday – DB presses and upper work
Wed – Lots of upper and lower squat/DL assistance – rowing, leg press, (one leg stuff often) etc
Sat – mostly lower work – goblets, goblets w/hip mobility, one leg KB DL, Stationary lunging etc – lots of core work – ie McGill big 3

what I’ll be doing now:
Monday – Feet up bench as main lift
Wed – stays the same, just heavier and more intense
Thur – Full and buff upper
Sat – Pause squats with cambered or buffalo bar – deads off blocks. no equipment

Wed 8.17 – Squat/DL assistance
Normal Warm-upLat pull-down: 3×12
Rack Barbell row: 5×5
DOH shrug: 365x10x3sets
One leg GM: 3×6
Hammer curl: 3×15
Split squat w/KB: 3×10
One leg calf raise: 3×12
Leg press: 3×6 – piston style
Stir the pot: 100

Good session- upper back my legs were smoked from the split squats. Taking the intensity up a bit. All of the hex holds that I have been doing over the last few months have really helped my grip. The DOH shrugs felt great and secure. First time I’ve taken some weight on these in a bit. Happy with that.

I did a fluff and buff quickie on Thursday —
Band fly: 3×12
Incline DB Press: 3×10
Band press-down: 3×10
Side lateral: 3×10
Rear delt pull: 3×10
DB skull: 3×10

Saturday 8.20 RPE 7 Squat/DL day
Normal Warm-upPause squat: top set 525×3
2″ block pull: top set 605×3
One leg GM: 3×6
Leg press: 3×6 – piston style.
Stir the pot: 100

Squat feels weak still and dead feels awesome. I added wraps for my last set on squat just as a safety net. I’m slowly cranking up and my squat is the slowest during times like these but the dead comes back the fastest! Weird how that goes. I’m going to deload this coming week as it’s needed, then push it up for another 2-3 weeks per the 10/20/life offseason protocol. I’m not in a rush and have a plan.

Going to work on a few things over the next few months. Diet is dead on still, and nutrition and supplementation is better than ever. Feeling great. I’m going to really regret not having my diet and supps perfect, earlier I bet. No more laziness.

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