Brian Carroll Precontest training: Week 1, day 2


I’m currently training for the RPS Meet in FT Lauderdale, Oct 25. I’m in offseason training (for another 2 weeks) and will move into precontest at about 10 weeks out. My bodyweight is hovering around 264 in the AM, and I will slowly move toward 260 over the next couple of months, where I want it to stay.

NOTE: Team Samson will also be doing a Seminar the following day, stay tuned for details.

I’m going to compete at 242, as I feel better there, overall.

For the full story of why I decided to go 242, read this: A Look in the Mirror, Part 1

Mcgill Big 3
Band fly

I’ll lay out my plan in another post in the near future, but I’ve talked about how I’m going to squat/bench/dead on the same day many times this prep cycle. It’s really just an experiment and I’m sure some will work great, some will need some adjustments.

Today is the ‘bench assistance day’

Band fly: 3×15

Explosive push-up
10 sets of 5 – slow eccentric, fast concentric – squeezing pecs

Incline DB press:

Side lateral:

Band skull:

Bench dip:
3 sets almost to failure


As I’ve talked about, the main ‘meat and potatoes’ training is taking place on Saturday to condition my back (mainly benching then deadlifting).

It’s working well so far, but it’s only a couple days in (although I did do this in some offseason training). Last nights work went very well. More like a supplemental/BB session, but it’s how I’m programming it right now. Felt good actually.

I have a FULL week to recover between Sq/be/dl sessions and this is something that I’ve wanted to play with for a while.

3 birds one stone: condition my back with big 3 lifts on same day, but at the same time, allow for recovery with a week between the ‘hell day’ and hammer my weak points on the other 2-3 days. win/win/win.

Will be work to make this come out right, but I’m all about challenges.

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