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I’m currently training for the RPS Meet in FT Lauderdale, Oct 25. I’m in offseason training (for another 2 weeks) and will move into precontest at about 10 weeks out. My bodyweight is hovering around 264 in the AM, and I will slowly move toward 260 over the next couple of months, where I want it to stay.

NOTE: Team Samson will also be doing a Seminar the following day, stay tuned for details.

I’m going to compete at 242, as I feel better there, overall.

For the full story of why I decided to go 242, read this: A Look in the Mirror, Part 1

Mcgill Big 3
Band fly

I’ll lay out my plan in another post in the near future, but I’ve talked about how I’m going to squat/bench/dead on the same day many times this prep cycle. It’s really just an experiment and I’m sure some will work great, some will need some adjustments.

Dr. Mcgill and I talked about this right after the Arnold. He thought it was worth a try and I did have some success with it in the offseason, although I was far too fat.

After dropping about 30lb, the extension/arching (which was the main issue) on the bench (then trying to deadlift) is not an issue as of now, thank God. Even when I was kinda coasting on the squat/dl leading into my last bench training cycle for 2014 seniors, the extension was killing me and I was not sure what I would be able to do once it was time to deadlift on meet day.

The ridiculous bodyweight was not good on my back. Actually, I need to thank Matt Wenning for suggesting I consider dropping some bodyweight back at the last LTT in November 2013. I made a mental note, but did not consider it too much until I needed to take another look and evaluate.

So, thanks Matt.

What I try to tell people who have questions that may want to switch things up: change 1 thing at a time. NO more. Too many variables and you wont know what exactly works for future reference. Not always possible, but in training and diet, typically it is doable and the smarter move.

Not so good. Didn’t really get much done, oh well. Worked into the 8’s but still working on getting my squat suit dialed in. Didn’t not go as well as I had hoped, but next week I will redeem myself. Let’s move on to the better stuff.

Top set of 675×3 RPE 7 with a 2bd – this felt good and easy

Top set of 605×3 6” block pull RPE 6-7 – this felt good and easy

Mcgill crunches:
10x10sec hold

Overall the day got off to rough start. I applied far too much heat crème and it toasted my back and hips to the point of panic. I used a liquid version of the capsaicin I normally go it and it got me. Bad. I’m pretty good with pain, but once this lit me up, then the sweat started pouring, the belt and briefs pushing in it/rubbing it into my skin, I almost had to tap out. My buddy Kieth ended up taking some grease/garage cleaner to my back and some water, which initially made it worse, but it washed a good bit off and I could tolerate myself again.

I already hit on the squats, let’s move on.

Bench felt really good actually. I was a little pissy about the squat, so I flew through the bench in about 30min. This shirt is a good one, but a little loose. Rudy is taking good care of me and we are working hard on dialing in this new ‘red’ material. Beth Thomas hit a NICE PR bench recently in one, and I think it will be a great shirt for me soon.

Dead felt good too. Light weight, but I was moving fast and wanted to be a bit fatigued going into the dead. Mission accomplished, bro.

No back pain, no leg pain, just a little bit tired. I’ll take it!!!!!!

Aside the stupid squat, things feel good.

I’ll outline my schedule, my plans and such for this 10 week precontest in a post soon. Stay tuned.
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