Brian Carroll | Precontest | Week 5 day 1 | Squat + DL


Huge thanks to Captain and Inzer Advance Designs for supporting my lifting!

New block that I started 9/5
Monday – raw bench off chest, Raw boards then shirted (that’s it the whole day)
Wed – Squat/DL assistance – rowing, split squats, piston squats, chins, leg press etc
Thursday – Bench assistance & Fluff and Buff
Saturday – Squat – gear and for DL (staying raw & off blocks for a while, form dead in FusionDLer after) & Leg press


We got hit with Mathew but luckily where we were wasn’t too bad. We got some nasty weather and lots of trees down and power out for a few days but thanks to a generator, not too bad.

I wasn’t feeling squatting after not sleeping well and my days being off but it was time to get it done anyway.

The plan was to take an opener and a second with a RB.

added pred
added LUP plus wraps
925 – last warm-up
1025 opener
1100- second with bands

315 – fusionDler
405 – multiple singles
500 – same
600 – last warm-up

KB Goblets: 5×5
Stir the pot: 100

This ended up being a good and solid day overall. This is the hardest part of a precontest cycle, the last few weeks when you’re a bit beat up and tired. Squats felt heavy and slow and deads felt awesome.

It is time for a deload and a last little push then coast in the meet.

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