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I just finished 3 meets in 3 months and I’m now taking downtime to recover, rest and work on weak points. I did hit PR Total, 2651, PR squat 1102 and a PR bench 788 all at 242.

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Well, this block hasn’t really been what I was hoping it would be. I came back from Vacation and too much laying around and drinking with a locked up QL. I did go snorkeling for a little bit but overall I was pretty inactive. That’s what I get for not getting my butt up and walking. I got some work done on it Friday. Much better.

I started a Keto diet with Danny Vega last Saturday as well to help 1. lean up some 2. get my BW DOWN to the 250 range 3. to reduce some inflammation in my body from the long run 4. to test it out/switch it up and see how it goes since I don’t have a meet immediately. 5. help danny experiment with powerlifters and strength on a low carb super high fat diet.

I’ll keep you updated on this each week. I like it so far.

So I took saturday off from squatting but got in a full body session:

Normal 10/20/life Warm-up
Stir the pot
Band fly

So I did a bunch of upper body stuff (and light) so to not irritate the QL.
Incline DB press: 3×15
Flat DB press with Band: 4×10
Band fly: 3×15
DB OHP: 3×15
Side lateral: 3×15
Hammer curl: 3×10
Arnold curl: 3×10
Bench dip: 3×12

That’s about it for Saturday. Nothing lower.

Monday session looked pretty similar but a little heavier.

Band fly
Shoulder dislocations

Incline DB press: 5×10, 2×15
Flat DB press with band: 4×10
Side lateral: 3×8
DB Skull crushers: 4×10
Band press-down: 4×15
Rear delt pulls: 3×10

DONE. Nothing too special, but got a nice pump and broke a sweat. The goal for this offseason was to drop some fat, attack some weak points and to heal up. I’m accomplishing that although at times it doesn’t seem like it. I’m enjoying the down time especially after all the time I was in prep. It’s super addicting though, no doubt – the pushing for a meet and the tunnel vision. When I complete my competition days this will quite the adjustment for me, no doubt.

I hope to get a few decent weeks of training now that I’m back and in more of a groove!

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