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Update: Now live on PowerRackStrength- two of the best back health guides available; written by Dr. Stuart McGill. Read how countless people, from the regular Joe to high level athlete, have rehabbed from serious injury, improved athletic performance, or simply alleviated their day to day back pain. Dr. McGill outlines his process from start to finish, allowing to live pain free and get back to physical activity. Read below for a quick taste of what Brian has learned from Dr. McGill. 

As I cover at GREAT length in 10/20/Life, a proper warm-up is essential to making the most of your training session, staying injury free and much more. As you know, I have a four part warm-up system that is spelled out for you in the book 10/20/Life, that is custom to your needs, comprehensive, and will not take 45min of your limited time.

Here, I’m going to cover what I think COULD BE the most important part of your warm-up. In other words: if you were to pick ONLY one part or “thing” for your warm-up, the movements below would be PROBABLY be what I would suggest.

10/20/Life warm-up using Dr. Mcgill’s “BIG 3”

DR. MCGILL’S “BIG 3”: These have been shown to increase torso stiffness for both the short (3-4 hours) and long (cumulative) term. This means that once you commit to doing them, the stiffness stays with you for days to come. This is extremely important for the power athlete. Do these every day, especially if you’re experiencing back pain or weakness. These are your best friends, and you can use them for both warming up and therapy/recovery. I wish I’d started doing them years ago.

BIRD DOGS: Push the earth away from your body with your spine in a neutral position, while pushing your heel back as hard as you can. Extend your right arm and left leg, and contract as hard as you can. Do this for the required number of sets, then switch, only hinging at the arm and leg. This is great for back pain and for stiffening your torso.

MCGILL CRUNCH: Raise your head only slightly to engage your abs. Tuck your chin slightly and focus on core tightness. One leg is straight, and the other is bent. Hold for ten seconds each time for the required number of sets.

ROLLING PLANK: Roll to a side plank/bridge while keeping your spine and ribcage as one, with no separation. You can also roll to a side plank and hold it.


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Brian Carroll

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Brian is a retired world-class powerlifter with over two decades of world-class powerlifting. From 1999 to 2020, Brian Carroll was a competitive powerlifter, one of the most accomplished lifters in the sport's history. Brian started off competing in bench press competitions 'raw,' then, shortly into the journey, he gravitated toward equipped lifting as there were no "raw" categories then. You only had to choose from single-ply (USPF) and Multi-ply (APF/WPC). Brian went on to total 2730 at 275 and 2651 at 242 with more than ten times his body weight in three different classes (220, 242, 275), and both bench pressed and deadlifted over 800 pounds in two other weight classes. He's totaled 2600 over 20 times in 2 different weight classes in his career. With 60 squats of 1000lbs or more officially, this is the most in powerlifting history, regardless of weight class or federation, by anyone not named David Hoff. Brian realized many ups and downs during his 20+ years competing. After ten years of high-level powerlifting competition and an all-time World Record squat at 220 with 1030, in 2009, Brian was competing for a Police academy scholarship. On a hot and humid July morning, Brian, hurdling over a barricade at 275lbs, landed on, fell, and hurt his back. After years of back pain and failed therapy, Brian met with world-renowned back specialist Prof McGill in 2013, which changed his trajectory more than he could have imagined. In 2017, Brian Carroll and Prof McGill authored the best-selling book about Brian's triumphant comeback to powerlifting in Gift of Injury. Most recently (10.3.20) -Brian set the highest squat of all time (regardless of weight class) with 1306 lbs – being the first man to break the 1300lb squat barrier at a bodyweight of 303 lbs.

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