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We have a couple of new pieces of swag – black on black traditional logo, and brand new – black on black skull (shown above) which is becoming very popular.


I want to make it a point to thank Inzer Advanced Designs for the awesome gear they’ve supplied me with – The Leviathan Ultra-pro, the Super Duper Phenom, the Grid-stitched Predators, FusionDLer, the Black Beauties and of course the Inzer Forever belt. Grab any of these things right HERE

Also, Captain Jacked for the great Magnum and Nubreed products. My two favorites would be Quattro protein from Magnum and Helix BCAA’s from Nubreed. You can check them out HERE

Overall Update: Not much to report over the last few days other than I got a little sick but it’s taken care of. I finished my heavy training prior to getting sick so there’s a plus.

The last 3 days have consisted of fluff and buff type training: very light, fast paced and quick. Feeling good going into this meet overall, just the same as the other 4 I’ve done this year, which is too many, admittedly.

UPDATE 12.14.16

My weight is heavier than I’d like but fine – 259 (I gained a LB) this morning at 9am which is usually about weighin time. The time of day you weigh in is the only time you should ever worry about your weight, what you weigh at night with a full belly is not relevant. This puts me at 16lb over which will/should come off fairly smooth. I outline how to do all of this in my Cutting Weight ebook.

I feel pretty good overall although I feel much more sucked down today than yesterday (but heavier). I’m guessing the sodium I had put a little bit of bloat on me. Add in that I drank my second gallon pretty late, it makes sense I’m a little heavier than I should/hoped to be. It really doesn’t matter since it all has to come off by Friday at 9am anyway lol.

Other than being a couple of pounds heavier than I would like to be, everything else is par for the course. No cut is every the same, ever. The ones which start of hard, sometimes go easy. The ones ahead of schedule tend to go wonky at the end, so you really never know. All you can do is control what you can control. I’m going to do one more glycogen flush type session tonight and I’ll be done until weigh in (when I do another light one after filling back out).

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Brian Carroll is committed to helping people overcome back pain and optimizing lifts and movement. After years of suffering, he met back specialist Prof. McGill in 2013, which led to a life-changing transformation. In 2017, they co-authored the best-selling book "Gift of Injury." On October 3, 2020, Carroll made history in powerlifting by squatting 1306 lbs, becoming the first person to break this record. He retired with a secure legacy and a life free from back pain.
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