Brian Carroll | Week 1, day 2 | Floor press + SDP pressing

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I’m starting another 3-week offseason training wave and this is how it will go:
Week 1 – squat triples with SSB, block pulls for deads (throughout), second-week doubles, and the final week of the 3-week wave will be singles. I have been (and will be) starting with floor press on bench day, then going to equipped bench in my SDP (following the same rep scheme as above squat/dl day) as I really work on dialing in the details I’ve missed over the years. All RPE will be 6-7 and no higher than 8 on week 3. *I will be adding in elbow and knee sleeves along with wrist wraps for this cycle.

Normal warm-up as outlined in 10/20/Life (customized for my day to day needs)

Floor press – RPE 7
375×3 (in the dark with mosquitos all over us!)

Equipped bench in SPD
500×3 (not shown)
685×2 – 2bd

Incline DB press: 3×10
Incline skulls: 3×10
Bench dip: 3×15
Stir the pot: 100

Good bench session. Now, with the time change, it gets dark quite early, so I had to press on the floor in the dark! Not too fun.

I’ve been working in my new SDP for a few weeks now and adjusting the shirt much lower than before. With the lighter weight (esp this week), it’s quite difficult to touch but those who bench huge weights in this shirt really pull it low.

This is priority #1 for me right now in offseason – dial in my equipped bench. I need to keep a better groove and push back more. This will take some time.

Also, I’m out for another couple of days because of this:

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