Brian Carroll | Week 1 Day 3 Squat/DL assistance & Day 4 fluff and buff


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Currently taking it easy and will be picking out a meet around spring time. Until then I’ll be healing up and helping my team get ready for the XPC. I think we will have a very good showing at this meet.

OK, recovered pretty much from the stupid cold I had that followed the nasty staph infection. Such is life but I’m ready to train and give Byrd and Co a nice push toward the XPC meet. I have no desire to do a meet for a bit since I pushed pretty much all of 2016.

Wed – Squat/DL assistance
Feeling a little better overall so was able to push it a little more on this day. Goals are pretty much the same with weak points being the focus on this day.

Usual Warm-up…
Lat pull-down: 4×10
One arm DB row: 5×8
DB shrug: 4×12
Bulgarian SS: 4×8 – building these back up slowly as I do suck at them
One Leg GM: 2×8
Leg press Piston style: 4×8
STP (stir the pot): 3 sets

Probably the first day my chest didn’t burn and I didn’t hate being in the gym being sick. I pushed it a bit more and this felt good. I’m not too weak right now thankfully but have a lot of work to do with the layoffs I’ve had to deal with.

Thursday – Fluff and Buff
Side lateral: 3×10
DB upright row: 3×10
Incline DB press: 3×10
Flat DB press: 3×10
Band fly: 3×15
Hammer curl: 3×10
Modified skull: 3×10
Band press-down: 3×15

Finally got this day in, again. These are vital to making the small improvements necessary. Even though it’s not a ‘heavy’ day it is very important for a little bit of stimulation and growth ie triceps, pecs and rear delts. Feeling good, first full week of training in the books. I’m going to wear some Preds Saturday and brief-up with Byrd and get a little work in.

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