Brian Carroll – Week 1 of 5 offseason training AND 10/20/Life & LRB Seminar Annoucement


16-ish weeks until the Arnold, which is March 7.

I’m starting my offseason work this week. I’ve had enough time off now. I’m ready to get back to it.

I plan on bringing my bodyweight down to the 260 range vs 265 – 268 so I can make the cut as simple as possible. I’ll be working on dropping the bodyweight slowly over the next 10 weeks.

I’ll continue with my walks every day, and I’ve actually added in some hill sprints to switch it up for a while.

The goals for the Arnold are to place well, and hit some big numbers at 242. I think with a good day, there’s only a few people who can beat me.

I’ll be working on building up my tricep/chest strength as well and back and quads. This last cycle was more of a retention cycle, as I tried to keep as much strength from 290+ as possible, so now the goal is to have some solid offseason time to build some strength/momentum going into the prep phase. You can read more about how I do this in 10/20/life.

Ok, back in the swing of things right now. BW was 261 this am — FOR NOW. I leave out for a workshop at a private facility in Michigan next Sunday (after T-day). I’ll train as normal this and next week and make sure to get a good one in at my second home at Michigan Barbell.

Last night was the first bench session of 5. I’m pretty much following the template right out of the 10/20/Life ebook and worked up on floor press to a top set of 5 at a low RPE.

Here is how last night looked:

Normal warm-up as explained in 10/20/Life

Floor press: (low RPE)

Incline DB press: 3×15
Band fly: 3×15
Explosive push-up: 10 sets of 5
Bench dip: 3×15
Band skull: 3×15
Rolling planks LOTS!

Great night, everything felt slow and heavy, but it’s a process getting back on the horse and getting going again.

Felt good to get a pump! I’m looking forward to these next 5 weeks and getting back in shape. I’ve been slacking with my diet too as well as walking on the reg.


January 17th and 18th 2015
Madtown Fitness in Madison Wisconsin
Address: 802 Stewart St, Madison, WI 53713
Phone:(608) 270-9606

What will be covered:

-Offseason training for mass
-Correcting weaknesses in movements
-Fixing muscular imbalances
-Injury rehabilitation
-Mobility and Prehabilitation
-Training mentality – How not to get complacent, how to build confidence in your lifts through proper goal setting
-Strength peaking
-Picking assistance movements that you need – how to choose them, how to perform them
-Hands on coaching for the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift

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