Brian Carroll | Week 2 Day 2 & 3 | Bench + Sqt/DL Assistance

Currently in meet prep for RPS Meet Revenant Rising 10/29 in NC. I’ll be lifting at 242


Huge thanks to Captain and Inzer Advance Designs for supporting my lifting!

Brian Carroll_-62

New block that I started 9/5
Monday – raw bench off chest, Raw boards then some shirted (that’s it the whole day)
Wed – Squat/DL assistance – rowing, split squats, chins, leg press etc
Thursday – Bench assistance & Fluff and Buff
Saturday – Squat(adding gear soon)/DL (staying raw & off blocks for a while) & Leg press (wraps, shirt and squat suit for this)



9.12.16 Bench day

Normal warm-up as always

405×2 from the chest
Inzer SDP on…
550×2 – 3bd
600×2 – 3bd
640×2 – 3bd
680×2 – 2bd

Band fly: 3×15
DB skull: 3×15

Good session. A little bit sick from a cold that I got last week but other than being a little bit lethargic, it felt good. Its good to have weight in my hands again but it still feels a bit heavy. Happy with my set-up, I just have a few things to work on. Still doing most of my fru-fru stuff on Thursday’s fluff & Buff day for bench assistance.

9.14.16 – Squat/DL assistance

Rope pull-downs (think rope instead of lat pulldown bar): 3×10
Barbell rack row: 5×5
DOH shrug: 4×6
One leg KB GM: 3×6
Piston squat: top set of 6 at 325
Goblet squat w/hip mobility: 3 sets
Bulgarian split squat w/KB: 3×8 per leg (smoked me)
Stir the pot: 100

I was pretty winded after this one. I was training alone and got it all done in less than 1hr. It didn’t help that I’m a little bit sick but either way, I moved fast and some of this hurt pretty good. I don’t like this day but I know it’s making me better.

I’m traveling this weekend so I have a little bit of a deload for a week or so then it’s back to cranking it up. It will really turn up in October. Looking forward to it!

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