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Getting back into the swing of things with a meet picked out for December. Huge thanks to Captain Jacked and Inzer for their backing and support!

Going into Monday, I had one goal – figure out what shirt I was going to proceed ahead with. I have a few shirts that aren’t too far off from a great fit, but not quite. Lucky for Byrd, he gets everything that is too tight on bench and too big on squat.

I met my goal of finding the 2 shirts to go with but it, once again, was not easy. Like last week, I got a lot of raw work in prior to getting in the first shirt.

Normal Warm-up
KB swing
McGill big 3
Band fly
Empty bar x a few

430 – off chest
480×2 – 3bd
500×2 – 3bd
520×2 – 3bd

The three board is where I am the weakest. Right above and below I am strong. I’m also about as strong off my chest as the 3. Weird. Needs more work.

500×2 – 4bd
600×2 – 3bd
635×2 – 3bd
700×1 – 3bd/2bd – I started to get choked out by the collar on the second one, so had them grab it.

Incline DB press w/fat gripz: 4×10
Band fly: 3×20
DB skull: 3×15
Triceps cable press-down: 3×10
Bench dip: 3×15

I wanted to get a little more work in but I played musical shirts for a few minutes then settled in with a 56 3ply chest, 2ply arm. I was quite worn out (as shown above). Bench felt strong all night, just not quite dialed in.

I’m pushing another week on both squat, bench and dead, but lighter than this week then I will deload. This will give me about 12 days to fluff and buff and recover. So, Saturday – last warm-up squat/dl then some bench work then done.

I’ll update the rest of this week’s training, tomorrow. I’m looking forward to this Saturday, squat and dead are feeling nice.

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