Brian Carroll: Week 4 – day 1 and catching up after Irma..

Thanks to and for supporting my lifting career!

After 3 months of lackluster (or lack thereof) training post Arnold 2017 win, I’m following the offseason Combo template straight out of the 10/20/Life book for the next 10 weeks. The only modifications I’m making is lower reps with the deadlift, but normal higher (4/5) reps with bench (some days only DB work) and belt squat (when necessary). I’ll make up the total volume on my assistance work concerning the squat/DL. I have no meet plans in at this time.

We survived Irma. Week 3, I didn’t really train but walked every day. Thursday, 9.7.17 before the imminent storm, we took a nice vacation and got out of dodge for almost a week. I didn’t want to sit in a hothouse that didn’t have power, so we went to Navarre to see Ria’s mom, then took another fun trip to Baton Rouge and ate some really awesome food! Our good friends in our Jax neighborhood gave us some updates and thankfully, they only lost power for a few days and didn’t take too much damage. Some of my other friends weren’t so lucky.

After being gone nearly a week, we came back when the power returned and had clean-up duty for a few days and helped out where we could. Thank you all for checking in on us and making sure we were good. Here is a link to some of the worst damage Jax took HERE

Also, I got my blood work back post-Arnold 6 months. I’m going to do an article on this soon, but it came back very good. More on this later in the coming weeks.

Once we got settled back in, I got to work… Lots of walking and food prep to ensure rolling the positive momentum forward.

Saturday 9.16.17 Squat/DL day..

Normal Warm-up
A. Band fly/Band shoulder dislocation (break a sweat)
B. McGill big 3
C. Goblet squat/reverse band squats
D. Empty bar x20 (when applicable)

Squat: 5×1 at 335 with SSB
Dead: 4″ blocks with no belt to 675
One leg GM: 3×10
Then left and carried a lot of pine tree stumps for distance…..

Good session and even though I missed my scheduled deload week as I was traveling, I don’t feel that I was too far off where I should be. I stayed within the RPE of 7 on the deadlift (Clint wanted to do block pulls and turned it on this day) and I didn’t push the squat much since I haven’t been squatting with a bar and wanted to get the groove just right. BTW, I did squat this training week due to our belt squat pulley needing to be replaced. I’ll be back to normal programming when we get this fixed.

Again, my dead power, positioning, grip, and wedge feel very good. I have a lot of work to do with my squat but my dead is encouraging.

Stay tuned for an announcement regarding the release of The Gift of Injury with Dr. McGill….

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